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***ARKIVBILD 1967-05-24***
Gitarrlegenden Jimi Hendrix pŒ Gršna Lunds scen.

10 Most Famous Rock Guitar Gods

It’s hard not to have a mental list of the greatest guitarists whose special way of playing motivated us to pick up the guitar. We all have our favourites, and more often than nought, the same names find...
The Beatles

10 Most Heartbreaking Band Breakups

The announcement that Zayn Malik - one fifth of the world's biggest boyband - has left one One Direction sent shockwaves through the music industry. Directioners (as the fans are called) across the world have...
Taylor Swift

10 Most Highly Paid Women in Music Industry

The entertainment world is extremely competitive, so it's very difficult to make any real money from it. However, for a talented, hard-working and very lucky few, the music industry can be a seriously...

10 Most Downloaded Tracks of All Time

In recent years, our world has been becoming more and more focused around technology, meaning that our lives revolve around the Internet. As such, CDs are fast becoming a thing of the past, with most people...
music videos

10 Most Played Music Videos of 2014 (So far)

YouTube has announced their list of the most played music videos of 2014 (so far) and successful songwriter Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ clip from the albüm ‘Prism’ is the clear winner. The song was...

10 Most Iconic Hip-Hop Logos Ever

With the whole hip-hop industry changing, the visual presentation of a hip-hop stars has gone from a few promo photos, album sleeves, and videos to a multimedia look. We don’t even buy albums as CD’s as...