Lists of less known facts about animals.


10 Most Dangerously Cute Creatures

Often when we think about dangerous animals certain features always come to mind. Sharp claws and large fangs attached to an intimidating, snarling beast seem to readily embody the most lethal members of the an...
The Barred Owl

10 Most Dangerous Birds In The World

When we think of birds, we usually picture some small peaceful creatures, symbolising peace and freedom. But it is not always the case. Some birds can be extremely scary and they can even cause death. Here’s a ...

10 Most Intelligent Animals

The world of animals is filled with spectacular creatures, which do not cease to amaze the world with their survival skills. Some of their behaviours are very interesting and stand as a proof of great intellige...
French Bulldog

10 Most Adorable Dog Breeds

Each dog breed has something special, but some of them literally melt your heart, especially when they are only puppies. Here’s our list of 10 most adorable dog breeds. Enjoy! 10 - English Bulldog English Bu...
Calleta Silkmoth Caterpillar

10 Most Unusual Insects in the World

There are around 900 thousand different kinds of insects known to science, with estimates of at least a million still waiting to be discovered. Of course, we could easily make a list with a hundred of them. But...
Amur Leopard

10 Most Endangered Animals on the Planet

The entire animal kingdom is constantly changing, some of it caused by natural 'survival of the fittest' type challenges. In other cases, humans are a direct threat to animals through hunting or the destroying ...