No offence, we are a celebrity-obsessed culture, for sure. We browse the magazines on the racks in the checkout aisle, looking for the scoop on our favorite stars. I’m sure when we talk about celebrities with the most beautiful lips, automatically a few names will pop up in your mind. Here are some of most common ones.
Check out 10 Most Beautiful Female Celebrity Lips…

10 – Eva Mendes

Beautiful Female
Eva Mendes can most likely assign her stunning dark looks and luxurious lips to her Cuban descent. Mendes has played a string of hot characters including a sexy agent in Robert Rodriguez’s Once Upon a Time in Mexico, in which her sumptuous pout got the best of Johnny Depp’s oddball CIA agent.

09 – Megan Fox

Comparisons with Angelina Jolie were soon drawn by the media, with both flaunting an impressive tattoo collection, and of course, generously-sized, ultra-pouty lips.

08 – Rihanna

Barbados-born babe Rihanna certainly has lips to sing about. The gorgeous R&B singer and songwriter should Take a Bow for having such a sexy pout – and for putting it to such good use as a recording artist.

07 – Liv Tyler

You talk about elegant lips, you’ve got it right here with Liv Tyler. The shape of her lips is very striking with a full lower lip and a perfectly shaped upper lip. Liv has a smile to die for.

06 – Amanda Seyfried

Stars ‘Letter To Juliet’ is also known for her hot lips. Lower lip is thick and filled the main attraction.

05 – Marilyn Monroe

Monroe is a phenomenal artist who had been named as American Idol in the ’60s era. Sensual lips Monroe is a hidden secret for this section. The appeal of his lips, able to interpret the beauty of her face as a whole.

04 – Jessica Alba

Probably one of the most kissable lips ever. You just want to have a feast with those plumped full lips. S*xy lips is a understatement. Her lips bring out a certain playfulness, sparkle and intense energy within her. Her lips finds a good balance within her overall features which doesn’t make it overpowering but instead, very gentle and calm.

03 – Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett really sets herself from the rest of the Hollywood pack with those eye-catching lips and her cute shy smile. Her smile brings out a certain charisma that that screams elegant and intelligence.

02 – Monica Bellucci

Her attractive lips matched with her extravagant beauty making her simply irresistible. I’m sure there is not a guy on this planet that doesn’t want to give Monica a good long kiss.

01 – Angelina Jolie

The stunningly good-looking actress boasts an ultra-hot mega pout like no one else, which is why we simply had to put her at number one.

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  1. John Myers

    am I and my grandson the only people who think that jessica Bowman should have swept this up?

      • John Myers

        I would put Sandra Bullock in the top ten for sure. Both of our picks would outdo the rest of the bunch that was put together on here. There is another lady and darned if I can remember who it is but she is from quite some time back. The lady I am thinking of would date back into the early forties.

  2. Greg Jackson

    Where in the hell are you guys getting these girls wth s called beautiful lips. Lisa Raye, Beyoncé,Whitney Houston , Gabrielle Union just to name a few will make the average whore on here lllook like shit

    • Cassie

      “whore”? what a despot you must be to call women whores.

      • Greg Jackson

        No I think you are trying to exacerbate the situation. My statement may have been overly exaggerated somewhat
        by referenceing these women in this context which I do apologize to all women offended but I have no misogyny for women

      • walkinmalibu

        the entire tone of your comment was hateful and misogynist. if one doesn’t want to offend, then simply refrain from using that word. also

    • Roberto

      what a racist ass. those women don’t have better looking lips. you are probably alone and that’s why you call women whores.

      • Greg Jackson

        You’re the ass lil bitch I did not recall this thread asking for your specific choices. And notice non of your choices mention women of color so who’s the racist republican

      • walkinmalibu

        wow, a total despot is amongst us. calls white women whores and only thinks black women have nice lips lol. and you are calling others racist and ass???? crawl back to your cave you ape. and i mean that in every sense of the word. you give evolved humans a bad name.

  3. Robert Vance

    Maud Adams (1970s) and Julia Roberts deserve some sort of honorable mention, at a minimum.

  4. Cassie

    doetzen kroes, julia roberts, adriana lima should be on this list. Marilyn, Jolie, megan fox, liv tyler, definitely gorgeous.

  5. shara neiman

    No Kim Basinger??? NO list is acceptable without those gorgeous lips of hers.

  6. Ingrid Sales

    Rihanna is the most gorgeous, but this pic is old af.