10 Most Useful Tips For Playing Online Roulette

One of the oldest and most popular casino games around is roulette. Since first being invented, it has become a staple of every reputable land-based casino around. This is down to the sheer glamour it brings and also the fun gameplay it offers. Of course, the tech revolution in gambling has seen online roulette become popular now too. As online casinos have attracted more and more players over time, so too has online roulette flourished.
If you are thinking of giving this game a try, it is worth bearing in mind the ten most useful nuggets of advice as below.

10 – Get To Know The Basics

As with any online casino game, you must know the basics of roulette before you start to play. The good news is that this casino classic is pretty simple. Unlike poker, you do not have lots of rules to remember or lots of hands to understand. In fact, there are no cards at all! In simple terms, you just bet on which number the ball may land on when the wheel stops spinning. As below though, there are still some essentials to get to grips with before you play.

09 – Try Out Live Roulette

One version of roulette which has grown in popularity in recent years is live roulette. This is basically as it sounds – you connect to a live online casino via the internet and play the game via video streaming tech on your device. The benefit with this version is that you get a human dealer to engage with and more of a social experience. It also gives more of a feel of playing roulette at a land-based casino site. If you do not like the isolation which playing standard online roulette gives, this is a great option.


08 – Change Views

Not many online roulette players realise this but the default betting grid shown on-screen is not representative of the actual wheel. The numbers are in fact not laid out in the same order as they are on the wheel. This might sound like a small thing but it can be something which proves critical in the long-term. It is possible in most versions of online roulette to change the betting grid view on-screen and have it laid out as the numbers are on the wheel itself. This can help with working out which numbers are next to each other and developing a strategy based on this.

07 – Keep An Eye on the Numbers

An extension of the above is to keep a close eye on which number come out every spin. Most online roulette players do not do this and take no notice of which numbers come up over time. This is understandable as the Random Number Generation tech online roulette uses should make every spin unique.
While this is true, you can still find that certain sections of the wheel land more winning numbers over 10, 20 or 30 spins. If you plot each number which comes out over a period of time on a roulette wheel (this is where changing the view as above comes in handy), it is possible to see which parts of the wheel seem luckiest. Many players will then place a bet on every number in this ‘hot’ part of the wheel to win.

06 – Choose a Secure, Safe Casino Online

Although this is no related to playing roulette specifically as such, it is crucial to think about. If you do not pick a reputable online site to play at, then your personal and banking details could be vulnerable. The best idea is to have a look online at any casino you might sign-up with and gauge their reputation.
Another wise move is to simply pick a well-known site which has been operating for a decent amount of time. Signing up with William Hill or Ladbrokes for example is risk-free because they are such a well-established brand. It is of course vital to make sure that any casino you play roulette at online has the relevant licences to operate and uses the latest SSL tech to stay safe from cyber-crime.

05 – Know The Different Bets

Many people think that online roulette is all about choosing one number to come up when the ball is spun around the wheel. While picking one number is a popular bet, there are actually a lot of others you could make. From outside bets (such as red/black or odd/even) to inside bets (such as street bets or column bets), you can make a whole load of other wagers in the game.
Of course, they all come with different levels of risk and different coverage of the wheel. Knowing how each works is key so you can develop a strategy to play and use one which gives you the best chance of making money. It is also key to know the different odds each bet gives.
Street bets for example (which are columns of 3 vertical numbers) pay at 11 to 1 usually while picking one number to bet on pays out at 35 to 1 usually. The various odds once more come into play when developing your strategy and working out which bets might make you money in the long run.

04 – Don’t Play For Too Long

This is something that is advisable for most online casino games but especially roulette. As it is a game of sheer chance, many players will try to keep their sessions short and make some money quickly. This simply means you are risking less money per session and are giving lady luck less chance to turn on you! Playing for shorter sessions also means you will not get tired and not make silly mistakes when fatigued. It will also see you getting less caught up in the action and less frustrated about losses or less likely to chase them.

03 – Get Up To Speed with Free Roulette

Another great tips for online roulette is finding a version online which is free to try out. There are many online casinos or gaming sites which do this now. Just have a look around the internet and find a safe one to use. This is a useful idea because it enables you to get used to playing roulette online and test out your strategy for free. Once you are confident enough, you can start playing for real money. If you are struggling to find a free version of online roulette, there are also some internet casinos which carry Penny Roulette. This is exactly the same as the standard versions but allows you to bet for very small amounts.


02 – Pay Attention to Staking

While you can employ various strategies to make money in roulette, it is still mainly a game of chance. This means that you have to pay attention to your betting bank and use a sensible staking plan. By doing both these things, you will not get wiped out if a few spins do not go your way. It also enables any edge you believe your strategy has to come into play. In terms of your betting bank, the major thing is to not risk too much on one spin and try to hang onto any winnings you make in each session.
Many players for example will have a set profit target in mind and quit as soon as they hit it. In regards to staking, you may want to consider a flat staking strategy which risks only a small percentage of your betting bank per spin. Some players will instead use a progressive staking strategy such as Paroli or Martingale as their staking plan. While these plans do need to be used with caution, they can help you profit overall – even if a few spins go against you to begin with.

01 – Play European Roulette

If there is one major tip to remember when playing roulette online, it is to choose the European version. But why does this matter? It all comes down to the roulette wheel itself and how the European one differs from the American one. While there is are two green zero slots on an American wheel, the European wheel only contains one. This makes the house edge of European roulette lower and tips the odds of winning in your favour. Overall, this can make European roulette a more profitable variety to play in the ling-term.

When you start to play roulette online, it quickly becomes clear why it is a real casino classic. Easy to understand and lot of fun, roulette will always give a good time. If you want to be well prepared before playing though, the above tips should help. While they will not guarantee making money or winning at roulette, they at least give you a good head-start at this fun game.