One of the most popular category in our blog is Most 10 Animals lists.So here is another interesting one.  We humans don’t own the world alone. We are masters because we are the most smartest ‘’animals’’ theoretically. These animals aren’t enough clever to be scientist but they aren’t that stupid anyways. I decided to make a research to find most smartest animals in the world. Results are interesting. All sources showed different results with some common ones like rats,primates and dolphins. Well, i didn’t know about how clever is an octopus before. May be you will find some interesting results too. Check out 10 Most Intelligent Animals below.

10 – Octopus



Octopus is one of the smartest creatures in the sea. This animal is still poorly understood, but scientists are constantly discovering new and impressive octopus abilities. They play, solve problems, navigate through mazes and have a respectable short-term memory.

09 – Pigeon



I started to get interested more about pigeons after watching Marlon Brando classic ‘On the Waterfront’. They have a great memory that can recognise themselves in the mirror, can remember hundreds of different images/photos and learn routes to their home from long distances.

08 – Pigs

Pigs Intelligent Animals


Another interesting result for me is pig. It is said that they have emotion, sensitivity, hurt feelings and easily bored. They are very sociable to humans and they are trainable. Some say they are more trainable than dogs. In laboratories, pigs play video games better than primates. Pigs can also dream and recognize their own names.

07 – Dog

Dog And Cat

Dog And Cat

Human’s best friend, very trainable, sociable to humans, can understand commands and obedience. Dogs can identify and remember animal or human faces they’ve met, they can recognise radio, television, etc. They also can be sensitive, jealous and they won’t forget someone hurting them in their entire life.

06 – Parrot



Parrots are widely recognised as the smartest birds. They can do many wonderful things with their stunning beaks. According to recent study, the Cacadu Parrots have 90% accurate bird’s skills. A Parrot can mimic human words, understand the meanings, can remember many words and make sentences.

05 – Rats



Rat is a highly intelligent yet much-maligned animal in Western cultures. Widely used in research, the lab rat has been known to find shortcuts, loopholes and escape routes in the laboratory experiments designed by the top scientific minds of our time.

04 – Sheep



British scientists and researchers stated that sheep have an incredible kind of instinctive ability and intelligence beyond your imaginations. If threatened, they make large groups and run away together from predators. Sheeps can remember and identify animal faces and also human faces.

03 – Dolphins



Dolphins are extremely social animals. They can find their relatives separated miles away in the sea for unknown reason but they have their own language to communicate. The most significant aspect about the dolphins is that they never sleep with their systems due to their incredible piece of brain power and aesthetic sensibility.

02 – Elephants



The elephant brain is very heavy. It weighs in at about 5 kilos or more. Other large mammals, such as rhinos and hippos don’t have that kind of brain size. Scientific research has proven that elephants have the ability to use different objects in creative ways without being taught firsthand. They have been known to clean their food and use tools in various ways in the wild, and they can also follow human commands in captivity.

01 – Gorillas & Chimpanzees (Primates)



The impressive intellectual abilities of these animals have long fascinated humans. They can make and use tools, hunt collectively, and are capable of advanced problem-solving. They are also able to learn sign language to communicate with humans and can remember the name sign for individuals they have not seen for several years.

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  1. ben_b

    Damn, humans don’t even make the top 10! 

  2. Charles Freeman

    sheep? animals that group together when threatened are exercising herd instincts…not the same thing as the measurable intelligence of pigs, dolphins and primates. they are, not doubt, smarter than chickens…

    • P.J. Donovan

      who is to say that humans are the most intelligent animals on the planet? it’s pretty ignorant to think that we’re greater than all other animals. for example, we are the only animal that wages war within it’s own species, we’re the only animal that kills for sport, and we’re the only animal that literally every other animal is frightened of. we can’t walk through an area heavily inhabited with other animals without the other animals running away in fear. we are a very arrogant species, and it’s really a shame.

      • Ben

        Wrong on pretty much all counts I’m afraid, and also all irrelevant as far as intelligence is concerned; intelligence and morality are by no means the same thing. Communities of other animals from baboons to meerkats have pitched battles over territory, and dolphins, for example, have been known to kill porpoises for sport. As for the “animals running away in fear part”, it’s simply the natural response to the approach of a large predator. The problem seems to be that you’re equating intelligence with some subjective idea of “greatness”. Humans are definitely the most intelligent animals by any meaningful standard.

      • James B.

        Humans don’t need to be on this list. We already know we’re the smartest animals we know of on this planet. Including it would be both a waste of space and a cliché, sort of like those lists of the worlds most dangerous animals “and at number one, surprise surprise it’s humans!”

        “woah, I’d have never thought that humans have killed a bigger variety of species, a bigger number of species, and a bigger quantity of both its own species and probably most other species that have ever lived than any other species that has likely ever lived”

        I assumed this stuff was just common knowledge?

  3. Simon Broderick

    Poor English undermines the credibility of this piece. Sheeps? Pigeons are not more intelligent than crows, sheep are not more intelligent than dogs or pigs. 

    • Erkan

      Simon, thank you for your comment:) This ”the most” lists aren’t official. I have research some on internet and all sources showed different results. Trust me i can show you lots of 10 lists without ”dog”. 

      • Tristan Hunt

        Then do better research before you write. Why would I want to read an article that’s both poorly researched and poorly written? Do better research and apply some critical thinking skills, don’t just blindly copy and paste things from other sites, it serves absolutely no purpose. 

      • James B.

        Nah to be fair Tristan does have a point. There’s enough false information out there without there needing to be more. I know myself that pigeons, dogs and sheep should not have made this list. Crows are one of the most intelligent animals we know of, and should have at least made the top 5. Many dog breeds can be intelligent don’t get me wrong, but no breed of dog is smart enough to be on this list, and as a direct comparison, cats are significantly smarter. As for sheep? I’ve no idea how they made it on this list. I’ve lived on a farm for many years of my life, and they’re one of the stupidest species I’ve come into contact with (given size etc) – an instinctual response does not equal intelligence, if it did then ants would make this list. I’m not trying to disrespect you, but I came onto this website to learn new information and update information I already knew or thought I knew. If I was ignorant to animals, which some people may be, then I would probably believe what you have written, and go on living life with incorrect knowledge. This isn’t a good thing at all, so please, I urge you in future to do more research before compiling information, because this is how mistakes happen.


      • Justin Bakker

        Because he (like me) thought it would be something worth reading, and instead it’s just crap.

    • KarasBluntly

      I was floored by the poor grammar. “Most smartest”??? Ouch!!! My 7-year-old has better grammar. I stopped reading the “article” after reading just the first paragraph. I scrolled down and immediately realized that the author’s “research” was nothing more than getting information from another article which was well written. This goes to show that anyone can “write an article” in today’s Internet world, and plagiarism isn’t taken seriously anymore. I highly doubt that I will ever read another article from since I now question the ability and the knowledge of the authors.

  4. urgelgrew

    If you’re going to talk about the smartest animals at least spell it right….you put smarterst.  And it says pigeon under the picture of the pigeon and the pig.  I know they sound a lot alike so that must be confusing for you.

    • flying dachshund

      oh geesh, i hope this comment was just because you had a bad day. i hope your not always this angry and condescending.

  5. Devin J

    I can’t even begin to explain everything that is wrong with this article. First off and probably the most obvious failure of yours is your hideous usage of grammar, which makes the theme of “most intelligent animal” quite ironic. You fail to realize the fact that humans are just as animal as any other animal on this planet, and you’re too narrow-minded to see how pointless this article is. There are many means to classify an animals intelligence. The fact that an animal can solve math problems or use tools would make it more fit to live in a society of humans, but in terms of survival of the species, may actually do little to nothing for it. You see humans as the “masters” of the world because you’re egocentric. In terms of size, we lose to numerous animals, in terms of population, we lose a thousand fold to fish, insects etc. As a species we’re incredibly weak and slow, the one thing we do have is our “intelligence” and based on your article I don’t think it’s something we should brag about.

    • Erkan

      Thank you for your comment.I just didn’t want to use ”Humans” in animal category for that list. The most 10 isn’t britannica anyways. 

  6. Devin J

    Also the section on dolphins was just plain wrong. They swim continuously yes, but they have the ability to shut down and “sleep” with half of their brain at a time, as is true with many marine mammals. They can thus swim in a state of semi-consciousness  

  7. Math Champion

    I think cats are at least the 5th smartest animal. Probably 4th or 3rd. 

      • M Wayne

        ‘Domestic’ Felines spend all day in bed, have their food and needs catered, play when they want. Number one by a mile.

        How ‘smart’ are humans again?

        And yes, corvids are smarter than any politician I’ve ever met.

      • Brandy the MarioMario

        Humans are so ‘smart’ that they created enough crud to accelerate alleged ‘global-warming’ through pollutants that are created through the “arts-of-superficial”(i.e. ARTificial). Everything you see in the modern world could never compare to the animal communities of prerecorded history and henceforth; if they were descent, it is safe to presume they could not survive ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Father Time”s feuds from the moment of initial life to now; in other words, the tests of space and time were so immense that only mere remnants remain today.

        Our roads, structures, chemicals, mixtures, aesthetics, appliances, utensils, etc. cover the globe, some of which are, literally, as old as today’s dirt, today’s generations of humanity, etc. are still improving. Modern animals, with humanity as the apparent exception, lack important components to advancement beyond child’s play: a logical & creative mind on par with modern woman and men; opposable thumbs or an efficient similarity in function; natural stimuli that could elicit a civilization; the audacity to stick it to the governments of humans; and the ability to survive in the artificial jungle gyms we have created.

        We may not like to say this, but our existence prevented another creature from rising to power; what could have happened did not, and we are bathing in the historical victory that we honestly could never clarify as such with explicit details. Even though evolution is a controversial claim, it is not total shit; we evolved from some animals by way of Deoxy-Ribonucleic-Acid mutations along the line, and a ‘God’ did not poof us into existence: it ripped a chunk of preexisting clay off the recreational drawing board as inspiration for us crazy fools, running amok around the world with no natural predator wiping us out, laughing upon the clouds, in augmented reality, in a jolly-good fashion; I am an agnostic believer in religion because I think it is fun to reference here and there in a comedic, mostly unoffensive, mocking fashion :P.

        We probably evolved from a primate, and the word itself indicates that we are the primary inhabitants…of Earth; an advanced extraterrestrial, myriads of light-years away, is probably mocking us from afar, unknowingly to us and them alike. There is still a possibility for another creature to replace us, but our power would have to diminish from a global apocalypse that could, potentially, leave the planet devastated for eons; we could survive, but it would take a miracle and a bag of chips with many crumbs. A pandemic could wipe us out, but the immunities-who-unite, or “ImmUnites”, preferably humans with male and female genitalia, sexual, asexual,… or otherwise…, would be able to reboot humanity in the aftermath.

        Something like “Rise of the Planet of the ‘Apes'” would have to occur in reality, with little to no effective resistance from humans, with “Apes” being a variable; we could contain something like this by evacuating a country and blocking it off, but our communication systems could be used against us to start revolts across televisions, online feeds , phone lines, a plethora of other radioactive crud, and other communicative utensils. We are not the smartest creatures in the world, but our territory is marked in surprising ways; even creatures of the water will see our party confetti of world domination! Will foolish mortals rise up against the tyrannical humans? If it happens, I will probably be dead before an evolutionary revolution starts; I would love to spectate by way of paranormal stalking since evolution takes an incredible amount of time: under the presumption that it is a solid theory, of course.

        I could continue with my “essay”, but accusing all of humanity of absolute stupidity would be so ignorant that… I could hit a double bulls’ eye in spite…, or attempt to…in a comedic fashion. My rebuttal might not be very strong, but I am still a high-school-er: do not copy it or the copy-pirate navy are gonna find youuuu! Well, the teacher is probably tech savvy.

    • Lira

      I also think, that cats are one of the smartest animals, but they are much more independent than dogs.

  8. wolfcat

    Pigs are in the top 5. They beat dogs, and many primates and chimps, in reasoning skill and math testing regularly. According to actual research, the list for top 5 generally goes 1. Humans, 2. Primates, 3. Dolphins (killer whales included), 4. Elephants, and 5. Pigs. Talk to some of the leading researchers in the country. Or, take the easy way out and watch Hog Genius on National Geographic Wild’s webpage.

  9. DJB

    Its an outrage a pigeon is smarter than an octopus? give me strength.

  10. hoppe mhlanga

    lol, kwaaa..i can’t imagine a heart broken stressed lying down there

  11. yadin

    Parrots, for their amazing memory. I read somewhere before that there was a parrot in the middle ages who could recite the Nicene Creed in Latin.

  12. John Michael Taylor

    Sheep are so smart they let birds pick their brains out while they continue eating. Yeah, great list.

  13. Joe Ballbag

    “Parrots are widely recognised as the smartest birds.”

    Yeah, get fucked. Crows are far more intelligent than parrots.

  14. franziles

    I know this article is old. However this is one of the worst, most inaccurate pieces I have ever read.

  15. Lira

    I think, that you forgot about orangutans. They should be placced together with chimps and gorillas.

  16. Max Farjon

    ranking of animals according intelligence, including humans, is determined by the number
    of manipulations they are able to perform.
    A deer can only tear grass, scrape snow with his
    hoofs and lick his newborn calf but not much more. A jackdaw can perform better
    he has a strong beak and toes that can grip a nut so he can penetrate it with
    his beak, he can hoist a fat bowl with toes and beak.
    A chimpanzee is even more clever, he has 50 different manipulations in his possession,
    but humans can manipulate in 7000 different ways and is by far the most clever
    animal in the universe.

    See for more details

  17. Joe Stebbins

    This article is riddled with misinformation to the point of gibberish. NOT ONE of your “top ten” are even remotely accurate. Ever heard of fact checking?

  18. flying dachshund

    oh my gosh. all those sheep butts! waaay too cute!

  19. Max Farjon

    Ranking of animals according intelligence, including humans, is determined by the number
    of manipulations they are able to perform.

    A deer can only tear grass, scrape snow with his
    hoofs and lick his newborn calf but not much more. A jackdaw can perform better
    he has a strong beak and toes that can grip a nut so he can penetrate it with
    his beak, he can hoist a fat bowl with toes and beak.
    A chimpanzee is even more clever, he has 50 different manipulations in his
    possession, but humans can manipulate in 7000 different ways and is by far the
    most clever animal in the universe.

    See for more details

  20. Magneto

    This list is horrible ranked: In 2016 it would ranked as such – Dolphins (1), Chimps (2), Elephants (3), Rats (4), Octopus (5), Pigs (6), Parrots (7), Dogs (8), Pigeons(9), Sheep (10).

  21. ELBSeattle

    This is some of the worst writing I have seen on the internet. And that is saying a lot. Was this written in another language and then translated into English by a 15-year old computer program?