10 Most Successful Casino Jackpot Winners

People might read the lists of the 10 biggest casino jackpot winners in order to get a sense of how to win the jackpots themselves. They might try to see if they can replicate the actions of the people who managed to succeed. They might just be interested in the 10 biggest casino jackpot winners out of envy or curiosity, of course. These people are living proof that the biggest jackpot winners can come from all walks of life and that it is possible for people to be able to succeed against the toughest odds imaginable. When people play Royal Vegas online casino games, they can imagine that they’re going to be next among the wonderfully successful casino jackpot winners.

At the royal vegas online casino, people will be able to find a lot of the progressive jackpot slots that managed to make people hugely successful jackpot winners. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that the same games keep popping up over and over again when it comes to the 10 biggest casino jackpot winners. The royal vegas online casino can offer people many of the progressive casino slots that keep on producing winners. Of the 10 biggest casino jackpot winners, Arabian Nights, Gold Mega Jackpot, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, the Dark Knight, Gold Rally, and Mega Fortune are the games that keep coming up, which should give people a few lessons to take away.
Here is the top 10 biggest casino jackpot winners (most of them anonymous).

10 – $12,510,549.90 – Suzanne Henley

Suzanne Henley, a 46-year-old Las Vegan, hit the record $12.5 million slot jackpot at 1:44 a.m. at the Strip’s newest megaresort.

09 – $12,769,933 – Anonymous

A woman visiting her niece in Vegas decided to drop $6 in a Megabucks slot machine before heading back to her room.

08 – $14,282,544.21 – Anonymous

Anonymous man at the Summerlin-area Rampart Casino.

07 – $17,329,817.80 -Anonymous

A Las Vegas woman who stopped by the M Resort in Henderson to gamble.

06 – $21,147,947 – Anonymous

At the age of 92, a man, two times a Megabucks winner. – $4.6 million AND 16 years later $21,147,947.

05 – $21,346,952.22 – Anonymous

49 years old and described as a “self-employed business consultant,”.

04 – $22,621,229.74 – Johanna Heundl

Johanna Huendl invested about $170 to win $22,621,229.74 on Nevada Megabucks, the grand daddy of multimillion-dollar progressive jackpots.

03 – $27,580,879.60 – Anonymous

67 years old retired flight attendant from Vegas.

02 – $34,959,458.56 – Cynthia Jay-Brennan

She was playing a state-wide lottery jackpot slot machine called Megabucks in Las Vegas when she struck it big and won $34,959,458.56.

01 – $39,710,826.36 – Anonymous

Biggest one ever 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles, who wanted to remain anonymous.

For one thing, this says that the people who are interested in actually managing to win these games should be sure to play the progressive online casino slot games rather than many of the other casino games, which could give people some winnings but which are not going to make them some of the biggest casino jackpot winners in history. It is the progressive online casino slot games that have managed to do that time and time again, and this is what is going to keep on happening. When people play progressive slot games, they are taking advantage of the efforts of all of the other players who came before them in an attempt to actually succeed at the online casino slot games themselves. They helped build the jackpots that other people were able to take, and that manages to say a lot. The progressive slot game jackpots that other people manage to pocket were earned through a group effort in many ways.