There are wild devices and gadgets and gizmos on the market right now that were just wild dreams at the start of this century.
How many do you have?

10 – 8K Televisions

8K resolution means 33.2 million pixels! Samsung and Sony both sell these beasts of home entertainment.
You have never seen anything like this before, literally. But be careful. So little is filmed in 8K that you might have a TV that’s a few steps ahead of the game.

09 – iPhone 13

Apple claims the new iPhone 13 pro max can last for 25 hours on a single charge! This revamped phone also has an incredible camera and lightning-fast speed.
With a phone like this, you’ll need to look into iPhone 13 pro cases to protect your investment.

08 – VR

Virtual Reality is getting closer to the reality side every day. The new Oculus tracks your movements so that you can explore worlds right in your living room.
For those on a budget, you can even use your smartphone as a VR headset.

07 – Trackers

From Tile Bluetooth trackers to Apple’s new AirTag, you’ll never lose your keys again.
Technology has advanced so much that it can pinpoint your device down to a couple of inches!

06 – Wearable Fitness Devices

Wearables have a positive impact on people’s health. By increasing engagement with exercise, you’re more likely to participate.
Luckily, the new Fitbit lasts for seven days on a single charge!

05 – Funky Phones

Maybe you’ve already heard about the foldable smartphone from Samsung—but are you ready for the rollable phone from LG?
Yep, with a scroll-like display, answering text messages will be like reading Roman decrees!

04 – Disappearing Appliances

One of the biggest design trends of 2021 is hiding all your appliances. Is that a cabinet? Nope, it’s a fridge. Is that a pantry? Nope, it’s an ice chest. Large, unsightly devices now lie hidden behind beautiful decor.
Seamless home technology looks great. Just let your guests know where the snacks are hiding. 😉

03 – Smart Glasses

A new collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook has produced Stories. These smart shades come with speakers, voice activation, and a camera for photos and video.
Will these glasses fare better than Google Glass? Only time will tell.

02 – Electric Trucks

The pickup truck is one of the most popular cars in America. And it’s going green. The small truck startup Rivian will be going on sale soon, and it is going to blow the competition out of the water.
The startup game is encroaching on the car industry in never-before-seen ways!

01 – Top Tier Drones

Unprecedented control, video quality, and changeable lenses make today’s drones unstoppable.
This year’s drones range from the tiny 8.8oz Mavic mini (shoots in 4K!) to the FPV racing drone that hits 120 miles per hour.

Tech moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and pick some up, you might miss it! These devices are the product of decades of innovation and perfecting by passionate people.
Who knows—maybe you’ll invent an addition to next year’s list!