10 Most Important Leaders In 20th Century

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  • Suzanne

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  • cei1

    so…. where’s castro?

  • Barry

    Dominated by communists.

  • Chuck Jones

    I have a few amendments. Hitler should be number 1, Lenin number 2, maybe Mustafa at number 3, Mao at number 4, winston churchill at number 5, FDR at number 6, Gorbachev at number 7, Mandela at 8, Mrs Gandhi at number 9, Den Xioping at number 10. I will now explain. Most important should mean who has made the most difference, not who we are most familiar with. Obviously world war II would not have happened but for Hitler and that was the most significant event of this century. Number 2 – The Russian revolution was probably the second most, not only was it a massive change to the biggest country in the world (which is impressive in itself), it meant the first communist revolution, which influence obviously spread in the rest of the century. Number 3 – if he did lead to the downfall of the Ottomans then obviously he is incredibly significant since that covered so much, although the partitioning of the Empire was largely done by the British and the PARTITION is what is more important today what with the troubles in the middle east, meaning I’m not ENTIRELY sure on this one. Number 4 – Again, changed the lives of 1 billion people immensely with both the revolution and with the famine. Number 5 – obvious, if the British hadn’t stood up to Hitler, he would have won – he was the lone voice against appeasement. He was also very significant in the world war one and the maintenance of the British empire, which was also very influential. Number 6 – Well we wouldn’t have won without the yanks, so he also gets a place here for bringing america into the war. He was also influential in saving the world economy AND made a major push for decolonization of ALL european powers, including Britain. Number 7 – without Gorbachev, the cold war would still be going on… or we would have all killed each other. Number 8 – completely revolutionized his country from evil, while maintaining peace. Number 9 – second female head of government, again, being leader of a billion makes you pretty important in itself. Number 10 – started China’s rise as a world power. People like Margaret Thatcher made big changes in their own countries but were less influential outside of it. I don’t really understand JFK being here – was in office for 3 years and hardly got any of his promises through – e.g. civil rights Act wasn’t passed until Johnstone. I also don’t really get Eva Peron – maybe I’m just ignorant but what did she actually do? Yeah I know there’s a musical about her and everything… are you sure you aren’t being influenced by her place in pop culture?