The gambling industry has been on the rise for decades now, and with the competition getting fiercer, casinos are searching for ways to surprise (or shock) and keep their clients entertained. The game inventors and designers explore various popular and even some peculiar motifs to come up with new takes on familiar games. And sometimes, they really end up in weird places. Check out our list of ten unexpected mixtures that resulted in the most awkward casino games.

10 – New Hampshire’s Bacon Lottery

The idea about combining the favorite blood vessel clogger with a chance to win $1,000 sounds like it went straight out of someone’s breakfast pan. It was, however, realized in 2015, when the state lottery of New Hampshire released lottery tickets with bacon aroma. The $1 scratch-and-sniff was advertised — you’ve guessed it — with free-sample bacon handouts across the state. It sold over 700,000 copies in a week, making it a best-seller among the dollar-worth tickets. It sure did bring home the bacon.

09 – Birds of Casino Prey

There is a weird betting game you can find only in Belgian casinos. A number of caged birds are brought into the parlor and put on different spots around the venue. The gamblers then wager on which of the birds will sing the loudest and longest. One by one, the birds squawk, and we can only imagine how the whole measuring and comparing thing looks.

08 – Rat Roulette

Another game that brings animals into casinos has a rat (or some other rodent) placed on the roulette table. You would wager in a regular way, and the croupier would spin the wheel. The creature is to act as a substitute for the little white ball. At some point, the stressed-out mouse will run toward one of the numbered holes or pockets on the wheel. And voilà, you have all you need for a game of rat roulette. Plus animal cruelty.

07 – Intergalactic Slots

With so many themes explored and utilized and being that gambling should be reserved for adults, it is no wonder that slots found their way to “grown-ups only” territory. A software provider Microgaming issued a series of slots named Sneak-a-Peek, starting with Doctor Doctor (harnessing the stereotypical hot nurse potential) and Hunky Heroes (with muscular guys all over the reels). But then, it skyrocketed into space with the third installment — Planet Exotica. Determined to prove the sextraterrestrial thing will work, the creators introduced an intergalactic night club with hot alien strippers as the stars of their bonus game.

06 – The Chicken Challenge

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, maybe it started working at the casino and is about to beat you in a game of tic-tac-toe. Yes, you heard that one well. You get to play against a chicken, and the casino will offer a stunning $10,000 if you win. The rules are simple — you place your X or O and wait for the animal to peck around and (eventually) press a button. Regina, the bird that evidently rules the game, is well-known for her gigs at the Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino. But the Chicken Challenge is now, apparently, a developing business and can appear in any casino that would host a game of noughts and crosses against the champion hens. You just try not to chicken out.

05 – Darn You, Slot Spinners

Another Microgaming slot that got to our list combines (un)necessary rudeness with a casino game. You Lucky Bastard is an insulting slot machine that shouts obscenities at you while you play. So if you’re tired of regular pep talk or bored with the repetitiveness of a motivational speech, you should try being sweared and yelled at. It’s almost like having a raging coach calling you names because of your lousy performance. After all, you should suck it up if you think you deserve a jackpot, you lazy son of a…

04 – Machine Gun Unicorn Slot

Where does one start with this game? The premise of the slot was to combine the ever-popular invasion of the undead with the charming visuals of a pony land. Therefore, your reels are populated by cute unicorns holding sharp axes and bloody baseball bats used to smash zombie heads packed in glass jars. The hero of the day is a unicorn with what appears to be a deadly weapon on the top of its head. The description itself is enough to imagine the visionary genius behind this narrative. The evil dead in fusion with the iconic fairy-tale character is set for success. Or at least for a high position on our list of awkward gambling games.

03 – The Bingo Dirty Talk

Bingo enthusiasts must have been excited when their favorite online games were enriched with chat rooms, where they could engage in both private and open conversations. It’s no wonder the feature became so popular since some research shows that many bingogoers actually play it because they enjoy the social aspect of the game. But the novelty we would like to present is a Taboo Bingo Room. It was developed on the premise that some bingo players like to let it out from time to time. Taboo rooms (which are open only during night hours) allow you to say whatever you want to your fellow players. So if you want to talk dirty or share nasty comments without inhibitions, you can check the Taboo Rooms in some winward casino sister sites, for instance. They say that what happens in the Taboo Room stays in the Taboo Room. But don’t forget to mark those numbers.

02 – The Bible Slots

Yes, you read that correctly. Although it would be interesting to hear the creators’ explanation of how the oxymoron of a “religious slot” ever came to be, the fact that it goes as an educational tool on the Google Store is even more amazing. The games are, however, not blessed with real-money play. Maybe the learning part is focused on the fact that you should not cash out your knowledge on the Trial of Job or the Noah’s Ark legend. But you can always make in-app purchases.

01 – Slots Against Fugitives

So far, we’ve determined that slot creators are prone to stretching their imagination beyond the borders of tasteful and appropriate in their attempts to provide originality. But one Japanese slot-maker managed to outshine them all with their inventive approach to crime-fighting. They created the Slot Detective, which used real fugitive’s mugshots instead of usual reel symbols. The manufacturer thought it was a good idea to use the popularity of the casino games and help the police catch the most wanted outlaws. Although the police authorities deemed the use of the photos inappropriate, the only thing players complained about was the scary looks on some of the criminals’ faces.