10 Most Popular Pastimes in Michigan

Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes region of the United States. With a population of close to ten million people, it’s home to all kinds of different people. The state capital is Lansing, but most people know Michigan for Detroit, which is also the largest city in MI.
There are many different things to do in Michigan, and the state is well known for having a variety of top sports teams. Below are some of the most popular pastimes in MI, including more details about each.

10 – Online Casinos

Online casinos were finally legalised in Michigan back in 2021, with the first sites launching not long after. The best Michigan online casino sites let players enjoy a wide range of games. You can enjoy slots, poker, blackjack, and much more at online casinos, playing for real money. Now that they’re legal, they’re more popular than ever, and there are lots of bonuses to claim.

09 – Visiting the Great Lakes

While Michigan is home to some big cities that have a lot to do, one of the main attractions of the state is the great outdoors. The Great Lakes are one of the biggest destinations for tourists, and there are lots of smaller lakes inland too. These make the ideal place for spending time enjoying nature, camping, and soaking up the sun in the summer.

08 – Skiing

In Michigan, winter brings snow, snow, and more snow. Residents take advantage of the cold weather by breaking out their sleds, snowshoes, and skis after the first snowfall and travelling to northern Michigan’s popular ski resorts. There are lots of ski resorts in the northern parts of the state and the cold season lasts for a few months, with lots of great ski routes to enjoy.

07 – Watching Live Sports

Michigan is home to lots of different sports teams across a wide range of sports. Whether you’re into baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer, you’ll be able to find lots of live games to enjoy. In Michigan, college teams are just as popular as professional teams, with both Michigan State and the University of Michigan attracting thousands of fans for college games.

06 – Fishing

With so many lakes all over the state, fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in Michigan. Anyone can enjoy fishing in Michigan, either from a dock or a boat. There are also ice fishing opportunities in the winter. You can go out on your own or join a fishing group that will show you how to get started if you’re a beginner.

05 – Water Sports

Considering Michigan is the Great Lakes State, it’s no surprise that water sports are so popular here. The state has loads of lakes aside from the Great Lakes, and these smaller bodies of water stay warmer for longer. As a result, boating and water sports are very popular among all types of people in MI.

04 – Visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts

For those who love art, the Detroit Institute of Arts is always worth a visit. This museum received donations from auto car manufacturers in the early 20th century, allowing it to purchase some of the best European and American art from the time. Today, it’s even been used by musicians as a recording studio. There are works by Fra Angelico, Henri Moore, Van Gogh, Miro, Frederic Edwin Church, Caleb Bingham, and many more.

03 – Visiting Resorts and Spas

Resorts and spas are a popular weekend getaway for many people in Michigan, and there are lots of different resorts available. Some of these places include sports such as golf and horseback riding, while there are also skiing resorts available in the winter. You can still visit some of the northern resorts in the summer, and the spas are always worth checking out.

02 – Dune Riding

Michigan is home to a surprising number of sand dunes. These dunes surround some of the biggest lakes and make an ideal spot for dune riding. You can join a group and experience the exhilarating fun of the dune buggy as it drives you around the sand slopes.

01 – Hiking

Michigan is a perfect state for hikers, offering some of the best scenery that you can find anywhere in the country. There are loads of interesting geological formations as well as breath-taking waterfalls that are well worth the trek.