10 Most Important Tips to Lower your Golf Handicap

Love golf? You’ve undoubtedly spent all summer trying to lower your handicap. Here are some great tips on how to get the best score for your ability. Check out 10 Most Important Tips to Lower your Golf Handicap.

10 – Mindset

Golf is “%90 mental”. Imagine the shot before you hit it and approach each shot with a positive mindset.
You WILL drive the ball well. You WILL hole that putt.

09 – Practice at Home

We all know that golf takes time and space to practice. However, have you ever considered practicing your short game from the comfort of your own home? Putting and chipping can all be done in your garden! So, get that grass cut and get that ball rolling!

08 – Visit the Driving Range

Practice really is the key to success. As the winter months draw in it isn’t possible to play as much so, get yourself to the range for an hour so you’re still playing regularly.

07 – Watch the Professionals

Golf is on television constantly nowadays so make sure you watch. With professional analysis and demonstrations it is easy to pick up hints and tips.

06 – Wear the Gear

If you look good you’ll feel good too and even if your course doesn’t enforce a dress code you should still wear the gear to get in the right mindset.

Golf Handicap by jurvetson
by jurvetson

05 – Upgrade your Clubs

Professionals hit the ball further because of their highly tuned clubs. If you’re looking to play the sport properly then you should seriously consider upgrading yours. They don’t have to be top of the range, but any improvement will help.

04 – Invest in Quality Golf Balls

If you can’t afford the clubs then upgrade your accessories instead. Good quality golf balls are relatively cheap and can add distance and control to your round. Try visiting somewhere like my golf locker and see what you can pick up in the sale.

03 – Play More Often

The more you play, the more consistent you’ll become, so try playing more often. Why not take the afternoon off work for a round?

02 – Visit Better Quality Courses

As well as regularity of play, the quality of the course you play on can also impact your round. Putting on poor quality greens is near impossible so treat yourself to a round at a top quality course.

01 – Consider Tuition

The best way to recognise your faults is to having a professional explain them to you. Try getting some lessons from a PGA tour pro and see how much it improves your game!

Image Credits; Steve [email protected], Fevi in [email protected]