It shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you find out that Australia holds many land based casinos where you can enjoy some great games. After all, gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in Australia to many people there.
As a result, besides land based casinos, many online casinos have sprung too in recent years. Now you can find many internet websites that offer information on Australian online casinos, what casino bonuses they offer, whether they have casino apps or they simply offer casino reviews on the top 10 Australian online casinos at the moment. Similarly here we will present you the top 10 Australian land based casinos to visit if you happen to find yourself down under.

10 – Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Casino is Adelaide’s best casino, naturally. All land based casinos on this list are great destinations for slots (or pokie machines as Australians call them). But Adelaide Casino is the best because you can find hundreds of them on the huge casino grounds. It’s also famous for regularly introducing new pokie machines leaving visitors with lots of new games to try out on each visit.



09 – Casino Canberra

If you want to gamble in style, Casino Canberra will be your high class casino paradise. It’s another one of those large Australian land based casinos where both low and high rollers are welcomed. The best thing with Casino Canberra is the high class restaurant. Just make sure to book a table on time because it’s highly popular among the casino players as tables fill out quickly.

08 – Country Club Casino

If you are into a laid back land based casino atmosphere, head to Country Club Casino. It’s not physically on the Australian continent, but it’s quite near, in Tasmania. Despite that, Country Club Casino is a very busy one with some of the friendliest casino employees that will make you feel very comfortable.



07 – Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

As the name suggests, the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is a big casino complex. It’s booming with gambling activities that can keep you entertained for days. Nevertheless, participate with moderation. You will find plenty of options to gamble even if you came on a budget as there are many penny pokie machines. It even has lots of entertainment grounds for the entire family.

06 – Crown Perth

It would be a mistake to omit Crown Perth from your list when planning to visit Perth. The casino venue alone is worthwhile walking through just to give it a glimpse. But, if you want to gamble a little you will find more than enough pokie machines as well as table and card games.

05 – Crown Sydney

Another jewel in Australia’s crown, the Crown Sydney Casino. Visiting Australia goes hardly without visiting Sydney, and visiting Sydney is worthless without visiting Sydney Casino. Make sure to plan enough time to see this casino because you will easily get carried away with its massive amount of casino games.

04 – Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino

Hotels and casinos go well together. That way you get to spend your nights in a nice luxurious casino without worrying how you will get back to your hotel room. Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino is located on the Broadbeach Island in Gold Coast. The drive to the casino is very pleasant with lots of palm trees and first class hotel accommodation. It’s a like a paradise for every gambler.

03 – Lasseters Hotel Casino

Another casino and hotel combination is Lasseters, an establishment known in Australia for many years. What distinguishes Lasseters from the other hotel and casino establishments is the personal touch that the employees introduce in the service. Plus, they have a large gaming floor with an endless supply of pokie machines.

02 – Sky City Darwin

Although Sky City Darwin is perfect for gamblers that want to rest beside a pool or on a beach with a cocktail after a fun day of playing casino games, it also may be the place to avoid if your reasons are relaxing. Or, just visit it during quitter periods of the year, because it’s totally worthwhile. It’s a tropical paradise and the perfect spot for your vacation.

The Star

The Star

01 – The Star Casino

Well, the number 1 spot says it all. The Star Casino is the most luxurious, most tempting and the most beautiful casino that you can find in Australia. There is a huge gaming floor with a huge range of table and card games for a wide range of gamers, and staff that can cater to all of your needs as if you were the Queen of Britain.