10 Most Well-Known Poker Tournaments with Huge Prize Tools

Poker tournaments are one of the events that gamblers look forward to you every year. The biggest tournaments are played by the best gamblers in the world and have outstanding prizes that could be as high as millions of dollars. These tournaments attract players and spectators alike. People from all over the world watch these tournaments, and they are often televised.
These are the rare instances where gambling becomes less of a fun-filled activity and more of a professional possibly life-changing activity. The tournaments are incomparable to the social poker contests between friends. If you are a true gambler, and you trust your fortunes, then you should definitely try out one of the online casino tournaments.
Here are ten most well-known poker tournaments with huge prize tools. They are offered by some of the greatest casino platforms in the world.

10 – PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

This one is another great tournament that is held on an awesome island. It has a great atmosphere for poker games, and winning will simply be amazing. The winnings can be as big as millions of dollars making this one of the most lucrative tournaments.

09 – Aussie Millions

This is one of the greatest tournaments in that Southern half of the world, and it can lead to prizes of up to millions of dollars. It is held in Melbourne, Australia during the summer season in January. The number of people it attracts is usually overwhelming possibly because it is a one-time tournament. Also, it is the greatest event in this part of the world, hence, gamblers cannot afford to miss it. It often beats the numbers seen in other popular tournaments around the world.

08 – PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final

This is the biggest poker event in Europe. Players can get into the tournament through a $10000 buy in. The event is usually fun-filled, and the venue is always kept a secret until the very last minute. This builds the anticipation and eagerness of the players. The organizers have always made excellent choices when it comes to location. You should always stay calm and relax because the experience will always be breathtaking.

07 – World Series of Poker European Main Event

The WSOP also has other regional events. The European version is usually the most popular, and the most widely attended event after the WSOP Main Event. It also has outstanding prizes that can total up to millions.

06 – World Poker Tour World Championship

This is another worldwide tournament that attracts players from across the continents. Players can enter the tourney directly through the $250,000 buy in. This is one of the best opportunities for players to test their prowess against the best gamblers.

05 – World Series of Poker Main Event

This is an extraordinary one that attracts many poker enthusiasts from all over the world. It is a tournament that is loved by both the professionals and those playing for fun. Being a prestigious competition, there are many who try it out just to fulfill their gambling fantasies. This is the main event for poker players to test their wits against others. The prizes always go up to millions.

04 – Monthly Whale Tournament 888 Poker

The Whale tournament is hosted by 888 casino which is one of the most renowned and trusted casinos in the industry. It is played on every fourth Sunday of the month with a prize of $250,000 up for grabs. Players can get into the tournament through a $530 buy in or by succeeding in the qualifiers. There is also a weekly competition by 888 with a top prize of $100,000. This is a great warm up session for those aiming at the $250k at the end of the month.

03 – Full Tilt Poker $250,000 Guaranteed

This one is another popular event that is played every Sunday. The tournament had not been held for a while but is now back. Players can win $250k if they emerge the winner. You enter it through a $250 buy in. Full Tilt Poker has other competitions, and players can enter them through by buying in.

02 – Party Poker Quarterly Million

Party Poker Quarterly Million is a brilliant poker tournament that is played every Sunday. You can win a whopping $250,000 if you emerge the winner. Players can enter the competition by going through the qualifiers which usually start a month before it. They can also buy a direct ticket for $640.

01 – The PokerStars Sunday Million

This is an excellent tournament that is played on Sundays. Players can get into it either through qualifiers or buying direct tickets for $215. The winner usually walks away with more than $150,000. This is a very popular event, and it attracts both the seasoned gamblers and those playing for fun.
These are just ten of the best tournaments with huge prize tools. There are others such as the Titan Poker and the Red Kings Poker tournament. You need to have a detailed poker tournament calendar to avoid missing them out if you are interested. Some of them are held weekly, monthly or annually, and some are online while others are land-based. Try them out and perhaps join the top poker casino sites with great tournaments. They will certainly offer a great experience that can be breathtaking if you win.