There are so many people worth hating in this world: selfish people, spiteful people, and those that would harm the innocent. Then there is Dan Bilzerian – a venture investor, poker player and film actor. We don’t hate Dan because he is a bad human being; we hate him because he has everything: the dream career, more money than he could possibly spend, and the life of a playboy millionaire. These are just 10 reasons as to why we hate Dan Bilzerian.

10 – Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’all

Worth more than $100 million, he’s literally got stacks of cash just lying around. It is his wealth that affords him most of the other 9 reasons we hate Dan. And just look at his last name…Bilzerian sounds like a mash up of billion and trillion.

09 – Muscles on Muscles

Dan Blizerians Muscles

Dan Bilzerians Muscles

Not only does he have muscles, that he loves exposing out in public, but he earned them legitimately. Serving as a Navy Seal for four years, he spent time beefing up and staying in shape for our nation. Additionally, he is constantly working up a sweat fighting female enemy combatants.

08 – He Laughs in the Face of Death

At 25, Dan suffered a double heart attack. Six years later his heart gave out on him again after flying back to back roundtrips between Maui and Las Vegas in a three day period. Since them, doctors have diagnosed him as having a pulmonary embolism. Three heart attacks, and he’s only 34. Eat your heart out, Grim Reaper, Dan’s not going anywhere.

07 – Oodles and Oodles of Women

Dan Bilzerians Girls

Dan Bilzerians Girls

Whether you treasure monogamy or you are a player, you still have to give props to Dan. As a professional poker player, it’s no surprise that he’s a King of Hearts.

06 – Modes of Transportations

Dan Bilzerians Vehicles

Dan Bilzerians Vehicles

You can never have enough modes of transportation, right? Doesn’t everyone have private jets, pink Bentleys, six-wheeled SUVs, and yachts? No…?

05 – An Appreciation for Money

For someone with $100 million dollars, he seems to have a real appreciation for the money he has earned. In an interview with, he speaks candidly about his multi-million dollar poker winnings. Additionally, he accepts as true that “gambling ruins your value of money.” Furthermore, he believes “in using money to improve your quality of life.”

04 – Jack of All Trades

Navy Seal, poker champion, and movie god, Dan does it all. That’s right, after serving in the United States forces, Bilzerian made over $50 million playing poker, and now has started his career as an actor. Ever heard of the two-time Oscar nominated movie Lone Survivor? He was an actor and producer in this film. Not a bad role to land for someone just getting their toes in the water.

03 – His Pets’ Lives Are Better than Yours

Dan Bilzerians Pets

Dan Bilzerians Pets

His goats enjoy only the best views that money can buy. And his cat, well, his cat lives the luxurious life as well.

02 – His Beard Has Swag

Dan Bilzerians Beard

Dan Bilzerians Beard

No words necessary, the pictures say it all…

01 – Popularity

He’s been labeled as “the most interesting man on Instagram.” Moreover, his lavish lifestyle has earned him the nickname “Instagram’s Playboy King.” If you haven’t become jealous of Dan Bilzerian already, looking through his album will seal the deal.

Images via: Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram