Sun City
Sun City

10 Most Entertaining South African Land Based Casinos

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through South Africa’s vibrant casino scene? In this article, we’ll unveil 10 of the most entertaining land-based casinos that promise a truly exhilarating gaming experience. Packed with enticing casino bonuses, user-friendly casino apps, and top-notch casino reviews, these establishments are the perfect destinations for both casual gamers and seasoned high rollers. So, let’s dive into South Africa’s casino hotspots and discover what sets them apart!


10 – Rio Casino Resort

This is one of the shiniest South African casinos with vibrant energy just like the city ”Rio de Janeiro”. At Rio Casino all games are at your disposal 24/7 where the variety extends from slots to progressive poker and blackjack games. There is a family fun center and three different restaurants and grill houses.

09 – Emerald Resort & Casino

Emerald Resort & Casino was opened in 1994 around the time when gambling was legalized in South Africa. It’s a 32,000 sq/ft casino with more than 600 games among which 6 poker tables and more than 20 table games. One of its best features is the Emerald poker room where players can participate in poker tournaments. If you are going here with your family you can enjoy the AquaDome, Animal World as well as many other attractions.

08 – Meropa Casino and Entertainment World

Meropa Casino is a unique place because it was built in Moroccan style with many indoor and outdoor activities. The casino is available 24/7 and over the weekend the casino holds poker tournaments. It’s a nice place for the entire family because there are wildlife park excursions, go-karting, and a mini golf course.

07 – Emperors Palace Hotel Casino Resort

Emperors Palace Hotel Casino Resort is a huge place located near the Johannesburg Airport. It’s so huge that it accommodates almost 2,000 slots on 200,000 square feet along with 15 live action poker tables and 68 other table games. There is even a world-class spa facility, the largest cinema in all of Africa and many other amenities that you simply have to try.


06 – Graceland Hotel Casino Country Club

Those of you that want to experience a bit of style can go at one of the most luxurious casino resorts in South Africa. It’s not the biggest with only 300 games, but it’s something that is unique as an entire package. There is a huge golf course, a Wild West themed lounge, a theater, four restaurants, kid’s center and a Bella Dama Beauty Salon for the ladies. Threat your wife with a weekend here and enjoy every moment of it.

05 – GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World

If you find yourself in Cape Town, then head to the GrandWest Casino where 2,500 slots and poker machines await. Players can enjoy 79 table games divided into smoking and non-smoking areas. The smoking areas are all underground ventilated with the biggest air conditioning system in the world. It’s one huge casino world.

04 – Monte Casino

The Monte Casino lies on 278,871 sq/ft where 1,700 slots and over 70 poker and other table games are available to the guests. There are many progressive jackpot games, restaurants, bars and interesting and unforgettable events like theater shows, standup comedy acts and concerts.

03 – Suncoast Casino

The Suncoast Casino is perfect for casino players that like to enjoy a nice beach under the sun during the day, and over 1,300 slots and over 50 card games during the night. If you need a more relaxing evening you can use the world-class spa or go for a nice luxurious dinner in the restaurant.

02 – The Boardwalk Casino

This is the only licensed casino in Port Elizabeth, and one of the classiest in South Africa. Besides that hundreds of games, there are outdoor and indoor pools, fitness facilities, 8 different restaurants, a spa, lobby lounge, club bar and what not. It’s a place where you can feel like a VIP even if you are on a budget.

Sun City - South African Land Based Casinos
Sun City – South African Land Based Casinos

01 – Sun City Casino Resort

Just by the look at the picture you will immediately realize why Sun City Casino Resort is the top casino on this list. Here you will find an inexhaustible supply of entertainment, relaxation, non-gambling activities and sheer natural beauty. There is even a waterpark and the resort has its own nightlife to which even metropolitan cities can envy.

As we wrap up our journey through South Africa’s most entertaining land-based casinos, we hope you’ve discovered a world of excitement and unforgettable gaming experiences. With their diverse game offerings, enticing casino bonuses, and unparalleled service, these establishments truly cater to every type of player. Whether you’re an avid gambler or simply looking for a fun night out, these 10 South African casinos promise to deliver an experience you won’t soon forget. Happy gaming!

FAQs for South African Land Based Casinos

Q: What types of casino games can I expect at these South African land-based casinos?
A:These casinos offer a diverse range of games, including slot machines, table games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker, as well as electronic gaming options like video poker and electronic bingo. Some casinos also host regular poker tournaments and special events.

Q: Are casino bonuses available at land-based casinos in South Africa?
A:Yes, many South African land-based casinos offer casino bonuses to attract and retain players. These may include loyalty programs, free play vouchers, and promotional offers on dining and accommodation. Make sure to sign up for their membership programs to take advantage of these exciting perks.

Q: Can I use casino apps to play games at these land-based casinos?
A:While most South African land-based casinos have their own websites and may provide information on their casino apps, these apps are typically designed for their online platforms. However, you can still use the apps to access information on promotions, events, and the latest casino reviews.

Q: Are South African land-based casinos safe and secure?
A:Yes, South African land-based casinos adhere to strict regulations and licensing requirements, ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment. Most casinos also have robust security measures in place. Such as surveillance cameras and trained security personnel, to guarantee player safety.