10 Most Effective Tips For Casino Plays

Everyone wants to uncover the secrets that are going to help them get the better of the casino, but often it’s not as simple as that. Sometimes it’s also a question of your attitude to the game that’s going to see you through too.

So here are ten tips that could prove to be winners for you.

10 – Get to understand the “house edge”

Get to know just what the percentages the casino makes on particular games, a.k.a. the “house edge”. By getting a good grounding in this you’ll be in the best possible position to focus on the games that are potentially most profitable for you.

09 – Don’t just know blackjack basic strategy – use it

Any blackjack player worth his or her salt will know all about the basic strategy whilst playing blackjack online or on the casino floor – the tried and tested ways to respond to any given hand. But it’s not enough just to know the strategy, it’s vital that you use it too if you want to end up on top.


08 – A trick you can count on

Counting cards in blackjack may not exactly be popular with casinos but it’s not technically against the law. So if it’s a skill that you think you could master then it could be another very good way to tip the odds in your favour.

07 – Spread your bets

Tempting as it might be to put all your chips on a single roulette number and hope for a big win the wiser strategy is to cover as many numbers as you can. There’s much more chance of coming out on top in the long run.

06 – Steer clear of systems

There are also any number of sure-fire roulette systems out there – but beware. Even the ever popular martingale system, which sounds great in theory, can make sure you burn through your stack of chips at a surprisingly fast rate.


05 – Reel advice

If you’re a slots fan and want to give yourself a greater chance of winning then choose games with fewer reels.

04 – Bigger stakes mean better chances

If, on the other hand, you want to go for bigger jackpots then games which cost more to play will, understandably, have correspondingly higher pay-outs.

03 – Keep your cool

They didn’t call him Cool Hand Luke for nothing. Keeping a calm head in a game of poker can often be your best strategy – like in the classic scene from the movie. So set to work on developing your poker face and you’ll soon be getting the upper hand.


02 – Set your stake

Another tip that than help you feel and be more in control is setting the stake you want to gamble and sticking to it. The worst thing you can do is chase your losses.

01 – Losing’s part of life

And finally, linked to the point above, while you don’t have to embrace losing you can accept that you’re going to sometimes. So when you do, dust yourself down, learn whatever lessons you can from the experience – and come back to win another day.

So hopefully all these plays are going to leave you in a better position to give the casino a real run for its money – and who wouldn’t be happy with that? Except for the casino, of course.