In fact the word ‘’Gang’’ was just used to express a group or band of people like a club. But nowadays it has more negative tone. Today ‘’Gang’’ means a group of people coming together for some criminal actions or other antisocial purpose. Check out 10 most dangerous gangs in the world .

10 – Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra

The word ‘’Cosa Nostra’’ is an Italian word which means ‘’ our thing’’ in english. Cosa Nostra finds its roots in New York’s lower east side with the start of Italian immigration to the States. They are one of the most famous Sicilian Mafia in world. It is told that they have approximately 25,000 members total, with 250,000 affiliates worldwide. They are also known to collaborate with other international organized crime groups from all over the world, especially for drug traffic.

09 – Crips



Crips is an african-american gang which were founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1969. They started as a local gang and turned into one of the biggest crime groups in the world. They are known for wearing blue clothes and carrying blue bandanas. It is believed that they have 30,000 to 35,000 members. They are extremely bitter rivals towards the Bloods gang. They are known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing. Also with famous ‘’Crib Walk’’ dance.

08 – Wah Ching

Wah Ching

Wah Ching

They are Chinese gang and also known as ‘’Dub C’’ which is founded in San Francisco during the early 1960s. Wah Ching is composed mainly of young men. Most of their operations are focused around money laundering and financial crimes in Los Angeles and eastern Asia. And for real they are good at making money.

07 – Yakuza



Traditional Japanese gang. Members of yakuza gang are required to cut all ties with their family to prove their loyalty to their gang boss. It is told that they have more than 102,000 members in the world.

06 – Bloods



Famous Los Angeles gang founded in 1972 as a club. Also known as the biggest rivals of Cribs. They are known with their ‘’red’’ clothes and bandanas. . The gang is separated into “sets,” which have their own tactics, especially when it comes to recruiting. Their members identify themselves through various gang indicators such as colors, clothing, symbols, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti, language, and also hand signs.

05 – 18th Street Gang

18th Street Gang

18th Street Gang

18th Street Gang also known as M18 is a ruthless criminal organization started in Los Angeles California. It is believed that they have more than 65.000 members in 120 cities. They are rivals with Bloods,MS13 and Cribs. They have brutal rules like ‘’18 seconds beating’’ by their gang fellows to show proper respect to gang.

04 – Los Zetas

Los Zetas

Los Zetas

It is a Mexican origin gang and one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. Killing people is daily routie for Los Zetas members. As of 2012, Los Zetas has control over 11 states in Mexico, making it the drug cartel with the largest territory in the country. They are generally located and active in Mexico but they also have connections with United States.

03 – Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood

Also known as The Brand, the AB, or the One-Two. They are responsible for 1/4 of prison murders in the United States. If you want to be a member, you should kill someone they wanted. They have about 20,000 members in and out of prison in the United States.

02 – Latin Kings

Latin Kings

Latin Kings

They are the best organized latin gang in the world. Latin Kings street gang was formed in Chicago in the 1940s. At first members were mostly Puerto Rican. But today gang is dominated by Mexicans. Although they aren’t as violent as many of the other gangs they do engage in a fair share of illegal money making activities including contract killings.

01 – Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Mara Salvatrucha

Mara Salvatrucha

Without doubt, MS-13 is the most ruthless and deadliest gang in the world. They were started in California. Today they have more than 70.000 members. Mara Salvatrucha makes all of these other gangs seem like foolish people selling drugs. Mara Salvatrucha known for drug smuggling, black market gun sales, theft, contract killing, human trafficking, and assault, especially on law enforcement. They don’t care about any kind of victims even kids and women.

Source: Wiki , National Geographic

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  1. juelz

    you really got update dat shyt lating king aint popping no moreee

  2. DaeDae

    lol…dude wrote crips is founded by blacks (which is was) but had a photo of Asian Boyz…(who in someways are crips relative or allies with crips.) BUT STILL, haha i think you should change it to a black crip.

      • Knobbelaut Jönsson

        Some idiots are too blind to see these days

    • Katie

      How can you look at a photo and instantly assume you know what race they are. Maybe you should go tell the dudes in the photo they shouldnt be in there, see how far that gets you lol.

      • guest dont need to “assume” their race. you can literally just see it. if I see a black person i’m going to go ahead and “Assume” they’re black. are you stupid?

      • Mariela

        You sound like a really dummy. Maybe you were the one to teach DaeDae all of his tricks. I believe what Katie meant to say was just because the color of his skin is black or white, it does not mean that they are either African American or Italian. but I guess I have to give your ignorance some credit because you did say “Assume”, and you already know what assuming does….You A$$ Genius ; )

      • guest

        so you’re saying I shouldn’t assume those twenty asian-looking people are asian? You’re right, maybe they’re black. Look at me, making crazy assumptions.

      • Mariela

        Genius, what I’m saying is just because I see a white person walking down the street, I shouldn’t immediately conclude they are Italian. They could be German, Irish, Russian, etc you get my point. Your sarcasm really doesn’t make any sense by the way. How frustrating. Listen, at the end of the day, you have the freedom to do and say as you please. Continue. I apologize for interfering.

      • HM88

        you guys are arguing about dumb issues better off read this: real information for you:
        nice article but, you left out the Mexican mafia (CA) which controls, MS-13, 18 street, and not say “control” but los zetas is very close alias to Mexican Mafia (MM, Eme, La Eme, Black Hand). so to me your list is very wrong. A gang that controls d3 of your top 10 gangs is not on here is wired and lack of research or knowledge. AB should be 2 by the way or Sinaloa cartel. nice idea but horrible data/ information…

    • CripsNorBloods

      u are right those are asain boyz but the crips do have members of all races in most parts of the world

    • Knobbelaut Jönsson

      Just because it was founded by some black guys doesnt that fucking means the gang has only black people as members. If you actually did some research you would find out that there are people in crips that comes from different ethnics or nationality as well.

      Why the fuck does it matter to you that there is a pic of asian instead of a black person?
      *”because crips was founded by blacks”* is a pathetic excuse so dont even try.

      Dumbasses like you who chooses to live in ignorance rather than knowledge and education are nothing more than cancer of humanity.

  3. im not a gang member

    this person only has half his facts rite if that. lol and do ur homework on the zetas dummy. our own us government labeld them as MOST technologically advanced, sophisticated, dangerous cartel IN MEXICO. strait across from texas now ppl underestimate wrong ppl cuz u think u know knoloedg. cnt even spell crip lol

    • Drizz

      ..and if you knew your history.. you would know that the “Crips” first started out naming themselves “Cribs.” Cribs meaning how young (14-17 yr. olds) they all were when they were first starting the organization (gang). They later changed it to Crips because in the 70’s, the gang members all walked around with pimp canes with a limp walk.. therefore looking “crippled.” So this dude was actually correct stating that they were all “Cribs.”

      • HM88

        Good job!!! a lot of Crips themselves don’t even know this shit!

    • Drizz

      You can’t even spell “Knowledge.” Who are you to make fun of someone’s grammar.

  4. taco taco burrito burrito

    18 street is the realist F the maras and latin kings

  5. Mick

    Bloods more dangerous than Crips? Please don’t let me laugh..

    • logan

      so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. El Han

    Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? The Yakuza is the largest gang in the world. The Sicilian Mafia is one of the most notorious criminal organizations and you don’t even include the Russian Mafiya. And you put Wah Ching when there are gangs like the Sun Yee On and 14k. And what about the 5 Families in NY?

    • vito the wop.

      Sicilian mafia isn’t anything special. Most they do is shake down hard working people, and fight among themselves. So many other organizations make those wops their bitch. The mafia is only notorious because of Hollywood and greasy hair Jersey Shore wops that act like mafia is the hardest group ever.

    • Luke Han

      The Yakuza are the most influential, but not the largest. The dealiest/most notorious is the Russian Mafia. The Scilian mafia are considered show-models and glamour men.

      But actually we’re all wrong, the largest gang in the world is al-Qaeda, the most influential is the Mexican government under Peno Nieto, and the deadliest is ISIS.

  7. Robert Downer

    Gang-bangers are nothing more then POS. Big bad @sses who need guns to solve there problems. Should line up everyone Gang-banger and shoot them all….Problem solved.

    • Noah

      Dude that’s genocide!! If they are that bad get the national guard

    • Neals van Bergen

      I fully agree with you! Kill ’em all!!!

      • Scooby

        Americans that have to put up with this shit should be outraged that California is not an open carry state and stand your ground laws state!!!! Fucking outraged!


    Dang tht sucks gangs are bad so bad BUT WAIT WHT BOUT NWA G-UNIT AND STUFF LIKE THT WHT GANG DID FIDDY USE TO BE IN JK I’m jus messin

  9. Noah

    The dude didn’t mention that people join gangs because nobody at home cares about them so they think these guys do! Wanna know what’s funny? Gangs call themselves family! They turn on their so called “family”! He also didn’t mention that the Aryan brotherhood has killed more prosecutors and law enforcement than most of these gangs listed! And that they are Nio Nazis.

    • Human Being

      The Aryan brotherhood are not neo nazis. They are a criminal organization that has the main intention of making money. If you knew anything, you’d know that the main “gang symbol” of the Aryan Brotherhood is a shamrock. Not a swastika.

  10. Aravind

    related to top gang……”even kids and women”… is it relatively less immoral to kill a man as compared to killing a woman? why club women with “kids”?

  11. tree12

    The Yakuza is not a gang but one of the most organized crime syndicates in the world. They have a huge influence on the Japanese government and operate on an international scale. They would wipe out most of the “gangs” on this list. Also the picture you have up for them is a Chinese gang. Most Yakuza do not like to show their tattoos, they do not go around telling everyone they are part of the Yakuza. They have been around since the days of the samurai and they will properly be here for the rest of humanity. I would compare them to low level street gangs.

    • sekai

      so true…yakuza never show their tattoos.,those guys in the pic are F**** posers, they ca wipe out most of the gans.,you ca tell it by the numbers, and influences.

      • Mrteenwolf

        dont forget the traids, was also dated quite a while back as well probably like 1000 years…. quite similar to the yakuza

    • Luke Han

      I agree that they are extremely organised (possibly even comparable to the Russian Mafia or the actual Sicilian Mafia; none of those two are even on this list -_-) and therefore they CANNOT wipe out any of the gangs on this list. If they did that their social reputation would decline fast, they would loose influence over politics, police and large corporations. And besides, having vastly more influence and organisation doesn’t, in the heat of the moment, make a Yakuza member any less vulnerable to a bullet then their Crip or Latin King opposition.

    • Poootangmang

      The largest Yakuza organization, Yamaguchi Gumi generates over $80 billion/year in various activities…that’s more than Solntsevskaya Bratva and Camorra (2nd and 3rd largest organized criminal groups) combined multiplied by 6.

    • Greg Mezera

      Coincidentally, I was on another website right before this one, and they had the exact same picture and identified them as the Chinese Triad.

    • Jen

      Retarded? This coming from someone who does not know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” as well as, “then” and “than.”

  12. do da dippity

    For the MS 13 picture, those are 18th street gang members…

  13. eefeezy

    Where the hell is the Mexican Mafia on this list? That should be #1 on the list!

    • RedHavenBruh

      MS13 are foot soldiers for that shit hole, Sinaloa on the other hand should be on top.

  14. Ron Nixon

    Dude, you forgot to list the tea party. They are an American gang, predominantly white, ran by extremely wealthy white men who have convinced a bunch of people living in trailers who are broke as he’ll that they should not be taxed. Their primary source of income comes from stealing oil and selling it to Americans for dollars on the penny. They have also been known to rape little boys but use there catholic religion to justify their hunger. Well folks, there you have it. The tea party, gang number 11

  15. Peds

    The pic thats meant to be yakuza is a pic of young triads just have to look at the art work on then and you would see that

    And the number one gang in the world is The Mungiki with well over 150 000 members

  16. Fooling Yourself

    They all come in the United States of America, that only means they are funded or Owned by Government or Some of the Most Powerful person in America.

  17. Fab Ian

    this aint yakuza just cuz they are asian u dumbass… u can even see on the beer bottles it says beijing 2008 olympics these are some chinese dudes

  18. dark_scheduler13

    do you have a gang fights giuz….ahhmm well its underground bottle with the assasin you know!!!!

  19. spider

    it takes more guts to be are blood then a crip because we are out number

  20. Mrteenwolf

    You know whats more dangerous, the Yakuza, Triads, and then later came the Italian mafias man tell you what they dated right back in the old times…. before guns were invented, right were people had to use sticks and stones and if you’re lucky you may find yourself with swords/spears… now you tell me these guys are dangerous?? bitch, please cross with one of the Yakuza or triads or any the three gangs I mention before.. they may actually kill all of your crips or gangs, but you see they know better than that, why it all comes down to “business”. you get the money I get the weaponry/drugs what ever business they have in common.. if few kills there and there doesn’t really matter but if business goes out of control well that’s different story.

    • Luke Han

      An organisation being older and larger doesn’t in anyway elevate the combat ability of individual members in any way. The Yakuza hasn’t killed anyone in decades, the Hong Kong Triads are the bitches and act as the condoms for the Hong Kong police, the Sicilian mafia are considered showgirls and eye-candy with no substance.

  21. Cory

    Please, Americans gangs don’t even come close to most dangerous in the world. Pure Hollywood bullshit.

  22. Joseph A. Smith

    who ever wrote this knows nothing about gangs!! The Gangster Disciples is the most dangerous gang in the U.S.

    • Renu

      Why because they have memebers in the music business? Lol weak ass gang has like 500 members

  23. Liberalism=Mental Disorder

    All these guys are pu$$ies one on one. They need to run with their gang buddies to come off as some tough guy. I would absolutely destroy every single one of these dorks in a one on one street fight.

    • jay

      There’s another massive group that refuses to fight “fairly”- the US Army.

      • Suqsid21

        The biggest baddest “gang” is the Democratic party. It’s head is POTUS and he can order a nuclear device dropped on any of those sorry “dangerous gangs.” Those gangbangers kill someone there’s tons of cops after there cowardly runaway backsides; cops, military, etc under the controlling party can kill anyone (in US or elsewhere) with impugnity.

    • Luke Han

      Really? Good for you little child!! That’s a splendid achievement!! Congradulations!!

  24. Robert

    they didin’t include SUR 13? they are the biggest and most powerfull gang.. they should be on the #1 .. and Los Zetas isint a gang u idiots. its a mexican cartel from mexico that operates in mexico and us, has a strong influence on the mexican and us goverment. get ur facts right

    • Renu

      Do you know the meaning of a Gang? You might want to get YOUR facts straight before talking out of your ass. SUR13? Lol what an idiot.

  25. Sukhmeet Dhingra

    Where is the Taliban and Al Qaida, they both have entire countries that followed them, clearly not as risky as these gangs.

  26. Rah74

    The G D nation was not mention. 74 all day!!!

  27. David hughes

    The twats with the face tattoos make me laugh they do this to try and look tough. Lets face it if the government ever sent in the troops and pulled no punches these pussies wouldn’t last a week so in my book this makes the government the No 1 gang not the wannabes listed here.

    • HM88

      Preach………………. that’s right!!! listen 425th “live from Iraq” album real talk young men doing real work over there!!! Hooah!!!
      nice article but, you left out the Mexican mafia (CA) which controls, MS-13, 18 street, and not say “control” but los zetas is very close alias to Mexican Mafia (MM, Eme, La Eme, Black Hand). so to me your list is very wrong. A gang that controls d3 of your top 10 gangs is not on here is wired and lack of research or knowledge. AB should be 2 by the way or Sinaloa cartel. nice idea but horrible data/ information…

  28. HM88

    nice article but, you left out the Mexican mafia (CA) which controls, MS-13, 18 street, and not say “control” but los zetas is very close alias to Mexican Mafia (MM, Eme, La Eme, Black Hand). so to me your list is very wrong. A gang that controls d3 of your top 10 gangs is not on here is wired and lack of research or knowledge. AB should be 2 by the way or Sinaloa cartel. nice idea but horrible data/ information…

  29. giorgos

    Cosa nostra and yakuza are not gangs they are mafias,fully organized crime syndicates.

    And if you put all mafias and gangs all together in the list ,the list of “ALL TIME LARGEST AND MOST WORLD AFFECTING MAFIAS,GANGS AND OTHER CRIME SYNDICATES” would be ABOUTT like that:

    1.ITALIAN-AMERICAN MAFIA (aka cosa nostra at his prime)
    6.LA EME (mexican mafia at his prime)
    15.STIDDA (big part of sicilian mafia but separated)16BLOODS,
    21.SURENOS 13
    22.18TH STREET

  30. mack

    Lazy? insecured? don’t have guts to live simple yet productive life? join the gang and die early.

  31. tobhen

    Seems to be a lot missing in this list. I understand the need to have MS-13 high up, but why bloods/crips and not Camorra or
    Solntsevskayta Bratva (Russian), why 18th street and latin kings and not Sinaloa/Gulf Cartel.

    One more thing:
    “Cosa Nostra finds its roots in New York’s lower east side with the start of Italian immigration to the States”

    No it doesn’t, it finds its roots in Sicily around mid 19th century.

    “They are one of the most famous Sicilian Mafia in world”

    “cosa nostra” is a collective term for the Sicilian mafia. There is just one Sicilian mafia..

  32. Nintendo's 4 kids.

    WTF is this shit ? The Yakuza is not a gang, It’s a group of criminal organizations in Japan, kinda like the Chinese Triads, but more sophisticated. The word Yakuza is equivalent to Mafia we use in the western world. And BTW, the picture’s from the Chinese Triads, NOT Yakuza ….
    The largest Yakuza in Japan is also The richest criminal organization in the world.


    • Luke Han

      The Yakuza are rich, and it is because they haven’t organised killings in decades. IMO, I don’t even consider them a criminal organisation. They are pretty much a chain of business associates, like a big law firm, even if they earn money from illegal sources. But then, if they’re considered a business, then we’ve gotta consider Microsoft and Apple….

  33. Tammy Noel Smith

    I just watched The Cross and the Switchblade and I’m telling you……these people may ‘think’ they have power….but they have NOT met my Savior Jesus.Praying for all these men and women who are truly in bondage and that they will be set free by Jesus Christ.Any fool can kill,it’s what we do naturally,as we are sinners.”For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Tell me,who do you know that would come and die for all our sins,when He could have called down legions of angels to wipe all humanity out? Now,THERE is someone to follow…Jesus Christ! Jesus is the ONLY ONE who has all power!

  34. Forgotten Prince


  35. Luke Han

    How could the deadiest gang in the world be based in California, among the top 20 safest cities in the world?

    The dealiest Latin American gang will obviously be in Latin America where people getting gunned down in the streets is common, not in California where they think smoking cannibus is hardcore and like to pretend they’re “gangsta.”

    It’s all a hoax. The deadliest gangs in the world alternate between al-Qaeda and sprodically rising terror cells, currently ISIS.

  36. Brian Roesch

    Race is our history’s greatest lie. If schools taught evolution as much as they teach P.E. we’d laugh at the fact that hominids could of believed we were distinguished by skin tone. Hominids are hominids. What race is your pet cat, fish, reptile?

  37. disqus_tNiqPxHtKl

    I have to admit gangs started in the 1990’s. they are in ohio. they are Amsterdam, ethopia, latin,and phillipines.

  38. Truth928

    You Tube
    “Illuminatti Wife Talks” Kay Griggs
    and Ted Gunderson to see who the REAL most dangerous gangs are…You ll Be shocked..

  39. Gman

    yo check out South African gangs if you wanna see something real. not this pretend bull shit. those thugs all look like they still live with their mummer

  40. Daitedve

    mexicans, negroes… who care that street-sh*t? Just look at “forbes list” – THERE is all money! So who is the most dangerous mafia?! 🙂

  41. CripsNorBloods

    actually the latin kings on the east coast are dominated by puerto ricans while west is mexican.
    the east coast is about half the size of the west but the east coast is double the times more violent and ruthless

  42. Saff Laandaan Geeza

    You seriously have the Bloods and Crips on here? Where’s the Russian mafia, Albanian mafia, Turkish mafia etc? Even the old cockney firms are more dangerous then them gung ho retards.

  43. Patrick Caraway

    The bloods and the crips shouldn’t be higher the Cosa Nostra they ain’t shit compared to them.

  44. dennis richardson

    Why has the author not included the World Health Organization, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Windsor’s, the Federal Reserve Board, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime family, the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the United Nations and so many interlocking cross linking members. Did I leave any out? Yes, I could not think of them all.

  45. Joseph Mancini

    Notice how a large number of the top ten gangs in the world got started in California. When Trump wins I hope the whole state leaves. Before you chastise me, I have family in California and a nephew, whom I am extremely proud of, who finishes West Point this year and has been granted his first choice and that is to go to Camp Pendleton and serve as a minor officer.