One of the fastest growing ways for people to stay entertained is playing slot games at online casinos. When you think about what these games offer, it is no surprise. Not only are they fun, action-packed and visually appealing but they also give you chance to win money too. Of course, it is worth knowing what you are doing before playing top slots like ‘Gonzo’s Quest’ or ‘Narcos’. Here are the ten most useful tips to take on-board when playing slots online.

10 – Have Fun

This might sound obvious but playing slots online should be fun. While you might be playing to win money, you should always enjoy it too. A great way to do this is choosing slots which are based on a theme you like or which have an engaging story. It is also useful to choose a branded slot which is based on a favourite movie or TV show. Of course, it goes without saying that you should stop right away if you ever feel anxious, depressed or stressed out.

09 – Consider Progressive Jackpot Games

There is no doubt that winning big money is what attracts many people to slots and can give you a real adrenaline hit. One type of online slot which can bring seriously life-changing wins are known as progressive jackpot slots. Titles like ‘Mega Moolah’ are a good example of this sort of game. The amounts available to win can go into the millions as the jackpot builds up over time. If you are lucky, you could be the one to take it all home.

08 – Keep An Eye For Current Player Promotions

It is not just new players who should use any promotions they get to win more when playing online slots. All casino sites will run regular promotions for existing customers – this is especially true if you have not played with them for a while! Whether it is Free Spins on selected games or competitions to win big prizes, these are worth keeping an eye out for.

07 – Free Play Slots

Being successful when playing slots at online casinos is all about experience and strategy. The problem for many people though is that gaining experience and testing gameplay out with real money is costly. So, what can you do? The best idea is to hunt out free play slots to check out. This means you can gain experience on the game and test out strategies without it costing you anything. If you then feel confident enough to try it out for real afterwards, you can hit the ground running. This can of course allow you to discover slots you do not like to avoid!

06 – Look at Individual Slot Pay Tables

When looking at which online slot to play, you should do a little research into the Pay Table for each one. Doing this before playing can help you choose one which pays out well, even on standard win combinations. Playing ones that pay well can help lots in turns of profiting from online slots in the long run. The Pay Table basically sets out what win you get for every possible combination in the base game and also for the special bonuses. It can also show more details to take on-board around Wild symbols and Scatters.

05 – Be Careful When Betting Big

Many online casino-based websites still like to advise putting the maximum bet you can on each spin. This makes sense in some ways as the bigger the bet, the more paylines you are active on and the bigger any win you get is. Just remember though that betting on more paylines or bigger amounts does not affect your chances of winning in any way. Random Number Generator tech in online slots means that the chances of winning on each spin are the same – no matter what stake you use or how many paylines you are playing on. Do not always go for the maximum bet, especially if your betting bank is not that big.

04 – Take Time To Look For Best Game Developers

As in the rest of the world, there is a big difference between the very best slot developers and the poorer ones. It is like buying a pair of trainers from Nike and a pair from someone you have never heard of – the Nike ones will be better to use, come with more features and be worth your money. With this in mind, it is key to choose slots from well-known names like NetEnt, Playtech or Microgaming. This will ensure you play games which pay out well and which have accessible bonuses to bump your winnings up with.

03 – Look For No Deposit Bonuses

Playing slots at online casinos is not just about what game you pick. It can also rely on what site you play with and what they offer when you sign-up. One of the best bonuses you can get is what is known as No Deposit Bonus. These are not seen that often anymore and so are well worth jumping on if you do. They work by the casino giving you free money to play slots with, without you having to deposit any of your own. While you do usually have to put some of your own in to withdraw any winnings from this bonus, the free money you play with initially is ideal for testing new slots out or even stopping you losing your own money if things do not work out as planned.

02 – Move on If A Slot Is Not Paying Out

Another good tip is to move onto another game if a slot is not really paying out after a while. While you might be tempted to simply continue putting more money into a slot in the belief you must win soon, this is not always true. Very often, you can just put good money after bad with nothing to show for it. It is usually a good idea to find another game to play if the one you choose is not paying out as you would expect.

01 – Take Note Of RTP Levels and Variance

Perhaps THE best tip to use when playing slots like Starburst at online casino sites is to check out key game metrics first. This might sound a bit in-depth but it really is not as information like this is easily available on the internet. The first figure to look for is a slot’s RTP – also known as Return to Player. This gives a guide in percentage terms how much of the money you put in a game should come back to you in time.
Knowing this allows you to choose a game with a high RTP which should give more chance of winning overall – anything above 96% is very good. Variance is also worth looking at and can be researched online too. A low variance game pays out regularly for smaller amounts whereas high variance pay out less often but for bigger amounts. If you like to win more often than not, go for a low variance slot.

So, there you have it – a roundup of the ten most useful online slot tips. If you plan to log on in your next work break or commute from home, they are worth thinking about. With online slot play being so popular now, they are bound to come in handy at some point!