10 Most Popular Gambling Cities on Earth

Gambling is pretty similar to being mugged by a friendly man dressed in neon lights that offers you a 25 percent chance of getting your cash back with interest. However, gambling has always been a choice, one that balanced, emotionally stable and rational people try to avoid like a terminal disease. If you think about it, productive members of society, the so-called normal people, don’t want to stay in a casino at 3am surrounded by a cast of addicts. The questions is: do you know why? Mostly because most balanced people with stable lives are extremely boring and don’t have nice stories to tell. All they do is talk about their children, their work, their issues.

If you go to a casino – any casino – after midnight you’ll see misfits, eccentrics, outcasts, people who will be your friends for a couple of hours while you’re inside. It’s some sort of The Breakfast Club, but with more sadness. The variety of people you see in casinos will amaze you even if you’re not a seasoned gambler. If you are, well, maybe you will equally be interested in some great cities on earth that boast great casinos.

10 – Reno, Nevada, USA

Planning to visit Nevada and don’t want to get stuck in a Las Vegas casino? Reno is the alternative. This city is home to more than 20 casinos and was the heart of gambling in the US before being taken over by Las Vegas in the second half of the 20th century. Famous casinos include Atlantis Casino resort (1,000 rooms), Peppermill Hotel Casino, Palace, Silver Legacy (over 1700 rooms), Grand Sierra Resort, as well as Bank Club – the largest casino in Nevada.

09 – Paris, France

The most romantic city in the world. The capital of France is filled with a large number of casinos, and a notable one is the Aviation Club de France.
Know that the best gambling action is not always found in famous cities that are known for their amazing casinos. Sometimes – as it is the case of Paris – major cities build great casinos and attract gamblers on their own. However, know that online gambling is illegal in France.

08 – London, United Kingdom

It might seem like a surprise, but London is a really good gambling destination. On top of this, it’s highly popular because of its many attractions beside gambling. Brits do have a passion for gambling, that’s why London boasts about 30 different casinos.
For example, The Hippodrome Casinos will make you want to go inside even if gambling is not your thing! It’s the busiest and the biggest casino in the UK.
No, London is not all about Big Ben looming over the city and pots of tea.

07 – Singapore, Asia

A relatively new city-state in the gambling business, mostly to increase the number of tourists, Singapore legalized gambling in 2005. Since then, hundreds of millions of tourists started visiting the country, and Singapore is now the world’s 2nd largest casino market and one of the 10 best gambling cities on earth.
If you take a flight there, make sure you don’t miss Resorts World and Marina Bay Sands casinos.

06 – Nassau, Bahamas

The main source of entertainment in Bahamas is in its largest city and capital. Great dining, golden sands, and luxurious venues can be found at Crystal Palace Casino or Sheration Nassau Beach Resort & Casino.
Speaking of the Caribbean’s biggest casino, know that it features about 100,000 square feet of gambling excitement, including 160 table games.

05 – Monte Carlo, Monaco

The most legendary gambling destination in Europe is Monte Carlo. It’s a city located in Monaco, a very little principality in the south of France. The city’s wealth is strongly correlated with the onset of casinos in the 19th century in this region.
What else can be better than some incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea? Order some drinks and feel like James Bond in Casino Royale. Yes, it was shot in Monte Carlo.

04 – Atlantic City, USA

As it is the case of Reno, Las Vegas is sometimes the city that overshadows Atlantic City when it comes to great gambling in the US. We’re talking about a large town that was actually built around the gambling industry. If you’re going to the northeastern region of the United States and you’re an avid gambler, then know that Atlantic City is the premier gambling destination.

03 – Sydney, Australia

A land that is located the farthest away for most europeans and Americans. However, a trip to Sydney, one of the most idyllic places on earth, and home to over 60 casinos, is guaranteed to take all your money and leave you smiling while she does it.
Add this to the amazing list of opportunities the city offers when you leave the casino.

02 – Macau, China

China boasts some special administrative regions that have another legal framework than the rest of the country. One is Hong Kong, and the other is Macau. Well, while the first was a British territory until the late 20th century, the latter boasts its own immigration policy, legal system and monetary system. Why? Because it was a Portugese colony until 1999.
Macau made it to top 3 because it attracts hundreds of thousands of wealthy tourists from all across the world. Even Las Vegas based companies like Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and MGM have entered Macau’s market.
Looking for gambling at an unprecedented level? Go to Macau, China.

01 – Las Vegas, USA

Remember the successful movie ‘The Hangover’? Now try to remember the 3 men who went to Las Vegas, the Sin City, and had the time of their lives. Well, except the part with the Chinese man, the tiger, and definitely not the part with Mike Tyson.
In any discussion about gambling, Las Vegas pops to your mind. That’s for a reason. If you’re looking for wild parties, luxury hotels, and maybe fine dining, go to Las Vegas. The Venetian, Wynn, Mandalay Bay, the MGM Grand, all are perfect attractions for gambling.
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