In today’s saturated mobile casino market, players must arm themselves with the knowledge and power to ensure they find the best brands available. Good screening techniques are important to help identify solid potential names with credibility and reputation, slot sites with the best games, the most secure payment methods and the most responsive designs. The following checks can be carried out by players prior to signing up and will provide a good base line for finding safe, reputable and entertaining game play.

10 – Licence and Regulations

If you’re playing online slot sites and mobile casinos it’s important to look for the legal stuff. Gambling licenses and regulations are in place to protect players, they show members that the operators provide a legitimate service and within the current guidelines. You can’t be too careful these days when you’re using gaming products for real money, so by just looking at the bottom or the website or within the terms and conditions, you’ll find the details of the licence and regulations that will provide you with confidence. If you can’t find these details, play elsewhere.

09 – Software

Mobile casino software is one of the most important characteristics of any online gaming platform, so players should never overlook the brains behind the brand. It’s no secret that multiple casino operators, slot sites and online bingo halls use a small selection of development frames. Skins are the frame of the brand, they provide the look, the feel and the overall access to the game selection system, or lobby as it’s known in the internet casino world. Well designed software will make or break a brand, it dictates the amount of games and slots available and how responsive the mobile casino will be, software also governs the amount of mobile devices compatible for playability. If you’re looking for a mobile casino that has great software, look out for games variety, icons of IOS, Android and other operating systems compatibility and a solid website design. The casino should be easy to navigate, should provide rapid access to important information and be extremely user friendly. These are all positive signs of strong software operating behind the scenes.

08 – Game Variety

The mobile slots and games market is now well and truly established, gone are the days that players must settle for less quality and choice if they choose to play casino on their tablet device or smart phone. Games selection is very important and indicates how integrated the brand is with top developers, software providers and exclusive companies. You don’t want to join a mobile casino until you know exactly what’s on offer, there’s nothing worse than playing the same old 20 video slots that are almost identical behind the reel platform. Look out for slots from multiple developers, brand new games and exclusive slot titles from say movies and television shows. These are all indications of a good mobile casino that has weight and power in today’s gaming industry.

07 – Responsive Design

Almost within the same remit as software, responsive capability is significant when it comes to choosing a casino for your mobile or tablet device. There’s nothing worse than a cheap brand that looks good on your desktop put fails to make the grade when you play games on the go. Before signing up to your casino, throw the thing around in demo mode if possible, play the free slots and turn your smart phone or tablet in both horizontal and vertical plains. It’s these movements and player demands that will ensure you find a quality responsive mobile casino that fits your display nicely, responds well to swiping and slider motions and works well with your device.



06 – Welcome Bonus

It’s a huge mobile casino market and for that reason there’s lots of competition willing to move milestones for your membership. When it comes to welcome bonuses players should be vigilant to ensure they get the best deal and at the best value. Common bonuses include 100% deposit matches in which real money players receive the same amount in bonus value to the amount that was deposited, it’s a basic double up bonus that has worked well within the gaming industry. If you’re looking for a good mobile casino welcome bonus try to find one that goes beyond 100%, look for welcome bonuses that go beyond just one deposit and look for the highest value you can find. It’s also very important to look at the wagering requirements that could be astronomical when really start to get beneath the weeds. The £1000 welcome bonus might look better on the advert than the £200 bonus, but the play through requirements of the former would make the latter more realistic and rewarding.

05 – Promotions

Mobile casinos are quite clever at getting players to sign up with glitzy and glamorous welcome bonuses, but what about keeping you. Brand hopping is a term used by some mobile slots players that jump around between brands just collecting welcome bonuses and moving on, that’s because the casino fails to engage them with more long term bonus solutions. It’s alright opening the door with a £1000 welcome bonus, but if nothing comes afterward your experience at the casino can get rather dull quickly. Promotions are what make all the difference if you’re looking for a worthwhile long term membership with a brand. Not only do promotions allow for players to obtain further bonuses, but they lay the foundations of brand strength and identity. Positive characteristics of a strong promotions calendar include the likes of free spins on new games; cash back days and weekly deposit bonuses. Other good promotions indicators include seasonal promotions such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas related bonus offers. If you’re looking to join a mobile casino, look for the promotions section or look elsewhere.

04 – Jackpots

Some mobile casinos are restricted on payouts and don’t offer the mega bucks on their biggest games; others are connected to huge progressive jackpot networks and can offer millions of pounds in prize money. Progressive jackpots and access to huge payouts with high profile casino games indicate the sites credibility amongst the elite jackpot class. The more jackpot slots and progressive games the better, there’s nothing worse than playing slots for small jackpots so look for the big stuff. In most mobile slot designs, you can find a jackpot games tab in the navigation menu or prize counters that display the jackpot values in real time.

03 – Support

In at No 8 and we’re talking about customer support, some mobile casinos fall short in this category so be very careful if you’re thinking of overlooking it. It’s not often that things go wrong with today’s gaming platforms, but when they do you’ll need support. Good indicators of a well operated casino include email services, frequently asked questions, telephone contact and a live chat facility. If you’re ticking all the boxes here then you’ve found a great service, the less well established brands will not fair as well as the big players, so go with the well known names if you want quality customer support.

02 – Payment and Banking

If you’re playing mobile slots and games for real money then you’ll want to look at the banking options. In today’s market there’s some clever ways to make payments and withdrawals using highly secure protocols for transactions. The more options the better, ensure to look for popular payment methods and look for a 100% safe and secure hallmark. If you really want efficient cash game play using your mobile, secure deposits by phone bill and mobile phone payment systems like BOKU are some of the fastest methods used in the gaming industry. It’s also worth looking out for Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, because E-wallets are normally the quickest payment methods for withdrawal times.

01 – Reputation

Reputation is everything and choosing a mobile casino should be carefully orchestrated, this is why it’s important to look at past record and history. Some great casino affiliate programs and slots player forum websites can include testimonials of rogue and poorly operated platforms. Other signs of credible brands include certificates and awards posted within the footer of the casino website, player reviews and winning players listed, a formality indicating that the brand follows through and pays out on time. Independent review portals can also be useful and help direct players to trusted and reputable gaming destinations, the mobile casinos at for example include some of the most recognised and popular names within the industry.

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