When you think about engines, probably you first think of cars and other vehicles. However, there are several uses of engines. Unless you have an interest in alternative power and heat sources, it is not particularly known to the public. Reason being is this type of engine has some impracticalities that make it unsuitable for common use. Although there are many advantages to using these engines, no one has come up with a way to make them more cost effective. There are also issues with the size power, torque and gas used in its operation. Many companies however continue to research and innovate current technologies to make them more efficient. Listed below are 10 ways in which the stirling engine has been applied, both in the past and the present

Image credits: Böhm Stirling ©

10 – Heat Source

Böhm Stirling (9)

Böhm Stirling

Stirling engines used as a heat source in private residences at the end of the 19th century.

09 – Toys

Böhm Stirling (10)

Böhm Stirling

At the end of the 20th century, it was produced for toys and small appliances like fans and sewing machines.

08 – Military Submarines

Böhm Stirling (8)

Böhm Stirling

Stirling engines powers the quietest military submarines in the world.

07 – Mine Detection

Böhm Stirling (7)

Böhm Stirling

Some military ships use this technology for mine detection or acoustic monitoring.

06 – Heating and Cooling

Böhm Stirling (6)

Böhm Stirling

A stirling engine can function in reverse as a heat pump for heating and cooling.

05 – Locomotives, Boats, Car Models

Böhm Stirling (5)

Böhm Stirling

To power small scale locomotives, boats, and car models, these engines are the best.

04 – Refrigeration

Böhm Stirling (4)

Böhm Stirling

Stirling engines are widely being used for portable refrigeration.

03 – Scientific Research Stations

Böhm Stirling (3)

Böhm Stirling

Stirling engines powers remote scientific research stations in Antarctica, to send back data to scientists in warmer locations.

02 – Solar Applications

Böhm Stirling (2)

Böhm Stirling

Stirling engines can be used in solar applications to replace fuel with electricity.

01 – Heat Pump

Böhm Stirling (1)

Böhm Stirling

With the help of heated air in cylinders, stirling engines can be used as a heat source.