10 Most Ugliest Animals In The World

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000179675395 Erik Francke

    i promise that u haven’t seen a tarsier…. they are cute as hell.

    • LM

      It doesn’t look ugly at all wtf

  • Reginald the Sly

    Your lack of grammar disturbs me.

    • 2inthehat

      Who are you? Darth Grammar?

  • alena

    i think blobfish are cute……..

  • alena

    blob fish are the uglyest and some the photos make them look ugly some are cute i person…SEROSLY

    • alena

      i have a few spelling mistakes

  • Zxya

    I don’t see how that cat is ugly :

    • LM

      I guess the face can look cute if you try to think of it as cute and ignorere the baldness.. But the body – It’s disgusting!!