10 Most Common Husband Lies

According to Wikipedia ‘’Marriage’’ is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship. Legal or not men lies. May be they should lie sometimes. It is really hard to live with someone till death. I think all women already know when men lie but most of time they don’t want to dig so much. This list is about fun so please don’t get mad at me. Here is ”10 Most Common Husband Lies” …

Jim Carrey Liar Liar Most Common Husband Lies
Jim Carrey Liar Liar

10 – I love your parents.

Then why don’t you visit her parents more often?

09 – You’re the only woman I ever loved.

Basically impossible. What about your mother?

08 – I love going to the opera.

You would prefer watching an old soccer game accept going to opera.

07 – I’ve never done that before.

Then where did you learn that? From naughty movies?

06 – You are cooking like my mother.

Nobody can cook better than his mother for a man.

05 – I have a business meeting tonight.

With who? A hooker?

Hangover - Zach Galifianaki
Hangover – Zach Galifianaki

04 – You are still beautiful.

After 2 kids and gaining a few pounds?

03 – You’re the first thing I think about in the morning.

What about breakfast and going to toilet before her?

02 – You are the most beautiful woman for me!

Then you don’t find Beyonce that beautiful. Or Shakira,or Rihanna,or Megan Fox,or Adriana Lima,or…..

01 – I love you!

May be it isn’t a lie in early years. But you can’t love her that much in years. You go to bed, she is there, you wake up she is there. You want to use bathroom, she is there. Do you still love him like Juliet’s Romeo?

Liar Husband
Liar Husband

Source: My and my friend’s experiences